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Publicity Story: “Annie Is A Powerhouse Of Honor & Integrity. I Have Always Wanted To Work With Her!”

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Andrew Wittman Real Publicity Story

What’s the #1 publicity question most people ask?

If you were to ask Annie Jennings of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR, what are the top 5 questions she is asked about publicity, high up on the list would be “how can I turn my publicity and book marketing into a business advantage that includes getting new clients and book sales?”

Annie Jennings PR publicity, promotion and marketing strategies pay off big for authors, experts and speakers

“There is a definite PR strategy that we know about and we share with our clients so they can get the most bang for their publicity buck,” says Annie Jennings, creator of many of the most powerful PR strategies in play today.

“I always advise our clients to start off by listening to our real publicity stories of our clients who have worked with us to learn more about the mindset of a successful author, expert or speaker as well as what it is like to work with Annie’s PR team and acquire media assets of value.

In this real publicity story podcast, Andrew Wittman PhD who is the author of Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You, a marine veteran, former police officer and federal agent that has been teaching Mental Toughness for over 25 years, shares his experience.

Real author expert client offers publicity tell all

While working with Annie Jennings PR, Andrew was heard on over 300 stations during his top market radio publicity campaign including big media brands like CBS Radio, iHeart Media, ESPN Radio in major cities across the country, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh and more.

Firmly in our famous publicity ladder strategy, Andrew has also written for Entrepreneur, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and appeared on other major media outlets.

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Publicity Story: “Annie Is A Powerhouse Of Honor & Integrity. I Have Always Wanted To Work With Her”

Did your publicity experience exceed your expectations?

Andrew says that the radio talk show campaign publicity package is the perfect place to make your entry onto the national media stage. “I love that the first question Annie asked me was, what was my vision?”

Andrew told Annie “I have all this great content and all this great expertise but people don’t know about it yet.”  So the first thing we had to do was get attention. Nobody knew me. We started out with radio publicity. It gave me a lot of experience and built up my media bio. The radio appearances get you in the mode and raise your game. It gives you credibility.  We are putting it out to our social media too. And that creates excitement and buzz, “hey this guy is in demand”!

When you tweet out the booking or put it on Facebook, people’s jaws drop. What it does is give you an implicit endorsement that you are the real deal. It gives you more and more credibility with your current clients and any prospects coming down the pike.

The thing with Annie’s publicity is that she under-promises and over-delivers, each and every time.

Annie’s professional radio division, with Stacy as Radio Director and Jason as Media Trainer once again went above and beyond.  They scored interviews with top radio shows and stations in the worlds of business, sports, lifestyle and hard news. And the radio interviews kept on coming, well beyond what I expected. They under promised and over-delivered.

The radio publicity gave an implicit endorsement of my expertise going forward.

The radio shows gave us tons of exciting new content to push out in our social media and it showed we are moving, busy and in demand. Appearing as the guest on the high-powered, influential radio talk shows Annie books in her radio campaign, gave us the implicit endorsement from major media brands allowing us to stand out in the crowded internet space.

Did you love the UNLIMITED media training Annie offers to get ready for your publicity outreach?

The media training is really great. You guys hand-walk your clients through the publicity process step by step. I just Forrest Gump-ed everything you told me to do. No push back, no thinking I knew a better way. If I already knew how radio was done, why would I need to hire you all?

There is massive attention to detail and Annie’s publicity team ALWAYS keeps their word. If they say they are going to call you at certain time and certain day, they do. You can set your watch by it, literally. These two things are extremely rare in business today and it allowed me to be completely relaxed and focused on being as great as possible in each interview.

What was it about Annie that made you want to work with her?

I’ve wanted to work with her for a number of years, because of her character, not just her reputation. Annie  operates her firm based on who she is – Annie is a powerhouse of honor, integrity and always under-promises and over-delivers. That is who she actually is not just her how she tries to be seen.

I love the pay for play so it’s all performance based. It’s about character with her. Her whole firm is like that. They are like a family that always has your back. Annie is amazing. I like being in her space and basking in her presence. She is so upbeat and inspirational.

What advice would you give others thinking about signing up for publicity with Annie Jennings PR?

Take the plunge you will not be sorry. When I say she over-delivers, she does. She knows she is going to produce. And her firm did. I was with another PR firm once and they took my money and I never heard from them again.

To learn more about Andrew Wittman, author of Ground Zero Leadership: CEO of You please visit

Annie Jennings PR provides her publicity, branding and marketing clients with access to the major media outlets including top radio talk shows in the major media markets and the online, print and TV media. Using her proprietary strategy, Annie’s clients achieve the highest media placements possible for them. Once secured, Annie shows her clients how to leverage their publicity media assets to their best advantage. #AnniesGotASecret

ANNIE JENNINGS PR: Get your ultimate competitive advantage by securing major media publicity that you can leverage into power, money and prestige.

RADIO PUBLICITY: Our radio talk show campaigns are considered to be the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy with bookings on the high-impact, high-listenership radio shows in major markets with powerful brand name networks and famous hosts. Radio campaigns are offered with UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING and a performance guarantee.

PRINT & ONLINE MEDIA: Our print and online media land our clients big media such as Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Forbes, FAST COMPANY, TIME Magazine and lots more. The online media placements can have link backs to your website (known as SEO GOLD). Many of our experts go on to secure significant media opportunities such as regular columnists in the most highly sought after media in the country – very strong for target market outreach but also very strong for signaling Google that YOU are an authority fueling tremendous power for YOUR SITE coming up high in your keyword search results. Aren’t you looking to be #1? You can be on your way with link backs to your website from high authority sites.

TV PUBLICITY CAMPAIGNS: Our TV campaigns consistently land clients on FOXNEWS, CNN, CNBC, TODAY Show, network TV shows in major cities and lots more. With Annie’s highly skilled PR team, clients land the big media that propels their influence, creditably and clout so they can stand out far above the others. They report lots of new opportunities leading to outstanding success.

Keep in mind that you can repurpose all of your media – from posting TV videos, radio shows recordings, links to your print and online media all over social media and on your website you are sending social signals that you are at the height of your career.

Get what your competitors have – Annie Jennings PR on your side. As one client, Dr. A says, “with Annie, be careful what you wish for because she will make it happen.”

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