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Publicity “That Guest Could Be Me!” Get Booked On TV

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Publicity On TV
Right? Shouldn’t you be getting all the publicity for yourself?

Have you ever been watching one of the major TV news shows when suddenly a guest appears that reminds you of someone? Like yourself? Yet, they are getting the publicity and not you.

Publicity with a top #1 PR firm

And you think, “wait, that could be me up there.”  Well then, it’s time to call Annie’s publicity firm. They specialize in placing guest experts on the major TV media, the big newspapers, the influential online sites and the top radio talk shows in the country and they do it without expensive monthly retainer fees.

It’s performance-based publicity

Working with Annie really works well for the high-level author, speaker or expert that has reached a certain level of competition where appearing on the major media sets them apart and gives them the advantage. And for the author, speaker or expert who wants to invest in their career by adding impressive and highly influential media assets to their list of accomplishments, credentials and education.

Take our real client Ken, for example. He worked with two other PR firms before working with Annie and says the other firms didn’t get him anything.

BAM! He works with Annie and before you know it, he is a regular guest on one of the biggest national financial networks in the country.  He says his business has skyrocketed as a result.

When you have done all you can for success, publicity is the game changer

When you absolutely need to win new business and you are in class where others are equally qualified for that new business, publicity and media placements give you the advantage you cannot afford to lose.

PR firm specializes in major media publicity – and Annie likes to win

“It’s just what we do,” says Annie. “Over the years, we learned how to excel in an overly competitive publicity environment. Remember, this is a very intense situation as everyone wants to be on the big TV shows and be the quoted expert in big media outlets as this kind of exposure is considered to be media gold. And it is. At our PR firm, everyone you work with is an over-achiever and of course, this is very good for you as we approach each booking with the intent to be successful.

Being seen at the top levels of media is the ultimate prize

Nothing else sets you up like being seen and heard on the national stage as the guest on a major TV show or the expert the media uses in an article. This a tremendous plus for your ability to compete. Who wouldn’t want to hire the expert they just saw on TV or who was quoted in major print and online media?

And what does Craig say about working with Annie for his publicity? He says “Annie was just what I needed for big PR success”.

Why is Annie’s publicity so special?

Real publicity client, Bob, says Annie’s big heart won him over, “she really cares.”  Another real client, J.P., says “I could not have done it without Annie, the success was dizzying.”

The idea is to work with a PR firm that has the experience to secure publicity opportunities that will help you build your business, add value to your career and have a next level impact on your growth strategy. That’s the kind of firm to work with and that’s the kind of PR that acts like an investment, not an expense.

Publicity that exceeds your expectations

That’s what authors, experts and speakers say about working with Annie’s team of professional publicists.  For example, another real publicity client, Brian, says he signed up with Annie “because of her stellar reputation” and he tells us that he was not disappointed.

Real author, A’Mera, says that she researched lots of PR firms but none had the stats or clout of Annie Jennings PR. So A’Mera hired Annie for her top national radio talk show campaign (that’s comes with a performance guaranteed and unlimited media training) and says she attracted a lot of new opportunities.  “I would have been lost without Annie Jennings PR.”

This PR firm takes your publicity personally

That’s right, your success in their success. Everyone you work with at Annie’s PR firm has a personal interest in you achieving your goals.

Annie says one of the reasons for their outstanding success at the highest levels of PR is that, “the entire booking process is so satisfying to our natural instincts to excel, from our creative capacity to our in-depth knowledge of the media landscape to our rich and long-lasting personal relationships with the media and to our instincts to know the exact client/expert/author to pitch and when.”

Meet your publicity team

Annie Jennings PR is a top #1 national public relations firm that specializes in booking guests on radio talk shows in the major cities, regional and nationally syndicated radio shows. These radio campaigns come with unlimited media training from an award-winning former news producer and booker of a major big city 50,000 watt radio talk show.

This advanced level of training is designed to move you from entry level to professional guest quickly. You will learn the skill set you need to be a great guest for the show, a great guest for the audience and do a great job for yourself. Radio is a powerful platform for sharing your message across the country from the ease of talking on the telephone (the shows are phoners).  Our clients love the radio shows as they reach so many people quickly and doing the shows is so easy for them. Once they are media trained, they are excited and report excellent results.

Annie’s PR firm also offer the highest levels of media placement on major TV, national print and prestigious online media where a link back from their site to yours carries a lot of influence.  The TV, print and online campaigns fall under our famous pay for performance publicity pricing model. Clients love this model of doing business as once they are in the program, we create the perfect marketing strategy for their goals and they only pay for secured media placements that are part of the plan. Nice!

And by the way, our clients love paying for secured, strategized media that is part of their overall growth strategy. As another one of our real clients, Cedric says that when you are a consultant at certain levels, appearing on the major media gives you additional credibility. And another real client, Lauran says now her target clients just say – HIRED.  Being on TV and other major media creates certainty. People who hire you also want to know that you can deliver the outcome they desire. Media helps give them that certainty.

You gotta love being in the position where important new business is coming your way via the attraction strategy. Now that’s quite a competitive advantage.

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