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Publicity: The Best Question To Ask Your PR Firm

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Publicity - The Best Question To Ask Your PR Firm

Be Smart With Your Publicity Strategy

Annie Jennings has more than 20 years of publicity experience and has been a contributing commentator for Fast Company, Inc.,, Entrepreneur as well as an invited speaker for New York University’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, American Society of Journalists and Authors and hundreds more.

National publicist who has led the PR industry for many years with new idea and deliverables in branding, marketing and promotion, Annie is available to provide ongoing content regarding the latest trends and strategy in the publicity industry.

The All New Publicity Mindset

As everyone embraces the power of publicity and of working with a PR firm and industry leader Annie Jennings, founder of the National Firm, Annie Jennings PR, shares the new way to think of publicity, marketing and branding to the many pitfalls that stand in your way.

One of the upfront problems these days with publicist is the fact that  so many people, that is, non-professionals, selling services without a track record of success for their clients. With this is mind, you have to protect yourself and ask the right questions of your publicity firm.

Right Publicity Question #1 “What’s in it for me?”

This is the first question you should be asking about your publicity strategy. And the first of a new PR mindset for success. The other two mindsets that have become important are understanding the power of being socially relevant and thinking of your media bookings as assets to be leveraged over the long haul, come into play as you start building your ascent to the top. But it all begins with securing the media assets, that is the actual pavements in the first place.

This is how Annie Jennings PR worked publicity for her client – real publicity story

One day, Jim Alampi hired national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, a PR firm specializing in building businesses. Soon thereafter, Jim had achieved the PR success that his business growth model needed to excel. Listen while he tells his insider success story. After speaking to Annie the only question Jim had was “how fast can we get started?”No publicity assets mean you have nothing to leverage.

The right PR firm can make the difference in your career

To be sure you are aligned with the right approach to your publicity, marketing and branding strategy that will elevate your credibility, exposure and influence in business, you must ask “what’s in it for me?” This question is designed to make sure you are buying deliverables when purchasing publicity services.

You just gotta know, “what’s in it for me” when buying publicity assets

What’s a publicity asset? Let’s discuss. A secured PR asset is a media placements that actually occurs and is designed to propel your personal, business growth, respect and influence forward. Asking this question, that is, “what’s it for me” makes sure you are working with the right publicist what specializes in your particular growth area and can answer the question as it pertains to your goals.

This one piece of publicity strategy advice is precious

This one piece of publicity advice is precious. Asking this question will help you avoid wasting your money and instead leads to you investing your money in a targeted media strategy with specific outcomes in mind that serve to advance your level of achievement and standing in your industry. When you simply spend your marketing money without a plan that supports outcomes, once you buy the service, the money is gone.

However, when you know “what’s in it for you” and invest accordingly, you can expect to get a return on your investment. Now this is how a great PR firm works. They’re always asking the question “what is in it for my client?” Great PR firms are always adding deliverables that are relevant to the times we are living in to create a better, more productive experience for their clients.

Added tip: A very important area of visibility is of course, social media. While many of the authors I speak with know a lot about social media and are well optimized, many others do not know how to make the most of their campaigns with Annie. So today, first thing, is to get your accounts set up on social media and start to post. As you post, you will learn a lot of the elements of posts and of course, there are lots of books and subject matter available as to what makes good post.

Annie includes a social media training session (as well as unlimited media training by a professional with 25 years of experience in her campaigns at no extra charge. Her perks that come just by working with her firm, are worth many thousands of dollars on the open market.

Want lots of the publicity Annie has been able to deliver over the years that have propelled many of our clients to outstanding success. Just let me know right here using this sign up button:

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