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Real Publicity Story: James Holzrichter Says Annie’s Radio Campaign Led To More Speaking Events

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James Holzrichter Publicity Success Story

Get Publicity Success FAST With Radio Talk Show Campaign!

Discover what it’s like to work with Annie Jennings PR in this real story publicity success podcast.

In this podcast, James Holzrichter, author of A Just Cause: A True Story of Courage, Hope & the Integrity of the American Dream, shares his experience in working with the famous Annie Jennings PR team.  He tells how he was able to leverage his radio interviews – which included appearances on NPR, CBS and ABC Radio Shows across the country- into new opportunities.

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Real Publicity Story: James Holzrichter Says Annie’s Radio Campaign Led To More Speaking Events

What impressed you most about Annie’s PR firm in your first call with her?

When I first spoke with Annie I found it impressive that she was not only just interested in me becoming a client but she was interested if I was the right client for her. This told me that it was not all about money but about the quality of the guest that she represented. Her concern for not only me but also the PR firm showed me that this was a quality company.

Jim, you did two of the famous Annie Jennings PR radio talk show campaigns. What was it like working with her radio division?

I was not just thrown to the wolves and that was important to my success. Annie’s media trainer, Jason, (a former news producer) prepared me well.  He did mock interviews so I knew how to react to different situations and how to speak with a radio show host. Jason was exceptional in his media training.  Also, I was able to contact Stacy, Annie’s Radio Director, whenever I needed to. She always answered the phone to speak to me whenever I had a question. Stacy’s availability was impressive.

How did you leverage the fact that you were on major radio talk shows with big brand names?

I have posted the available podcasts of the interviews on my website and this allowed people to see the type of speaker I would be if they hired me. Since then I have  received multiple bookings that increased the amount keynote addresses, speaking engagements and presentations, which allows me to sell my book to all in attendance. These decision makers are finding me online due to the radio interviews that I have done.

Even my friends have said, I heard you on the radio. I heard you on PBS. I heard you on NPR. It had an impact. A definite impact.

What are the deliverables of your publicity beyond book sales?

It’s not so much that you are going to have a large increase in book sales, but what you get is the training that you need to be a better presenter and speaker. You increase your own credibility and the credibility of your message because of the high quality, big brand names of the media you can now leverage in your marketing outreach and online presence.

Annie’s personal commitment to helping me achieve my goals through her firm with follow up personal contact was remarkable and a valuable asset to have.

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Real Publicity Story: James Holzrichter Says Annie’s Radio Campaign Led To More Speaking Events

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