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Book Marketing Tip: Get Booked On Radio Shows

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How To Be A Top Notch Media Guest On Radio Campaigns

Book Marketing Tip: Get Booked On Radio Shows Annie Jennings PRBook Publicist, Annie Jennings knows 18 ways to sell your book with one of them being getting booked as the guest on a radio talk show. The bigger the radio talk market, the better in terms of the numbers of people you will be reaching, the better your book marketing and book promotion results.

The first step is to get booked on radio talk shows, but after you are booked, your job is to be a great guest. You’ll need to know the tips of the trade, that is the media training tips and guidelines to optimize your book marketing during the show.

If you are a self published author, you may have different challenges than a traditionally published author in that there are no “in house” advertising or publicity departments to assist you in the initial selling and promoting of your book. Have no fear. Book marketing secrets are available at the Annie Jennings PR site where you can learn all you need to know.

Discover the essential media training skills that will help you get booked on radio talk shows.

NO CELL PHONE OR HEADSET FOR A RADIO INTERVIEW:  Keep in mind, never do a show using a cell phone, headset, or speakerphone, they are all unreliable! Always turn off your call waiting. Contact your local phone company for instructions on how to do this for an individual call. You can turn it back on again immediately after your interview.

HOTLINE NUMBER:  Always have a hotline number for the studio before your interview, if the producer does not call use the hotline number to call them.

KEEP YOUR NOTES READY:  Make sure to have notes in front of you in a way that your facts, prepared segue phrases, and other talking points are easily accessible when needed. And you may need them quickly!

KNOW THE TOPICS IN YOUR BOOK:  Have your book handy with key pages marked with post it notes that identify the content so you can quickly flip to a page if necessary for reference. Be sure to know what’s in your book as the producer and host may use it to guide the interview.

KEEP THE INTERVIEW LOCATION QUIET:  A quiet environment is a must have for your radio interview. Authors should have their cell phone on mute (it is usually given for back up purposes so keep it on until the interview). Set up the scene so you are not distracted (kids, pets, loud alerts on your computer, etc.). Be sure to get the kids set up in advance etc. so their needs are taken care of before the interview because as you know, as soon as you get on the radio interview, your kids will suddenly need a snack.

STAND BY FOR THE SHOW TO CALL YOU:  Be at your interview line well before the scheduled time; they may call to check in.

KEEP LOTS OF WATER AVAILABLE:  Have water ready, but not in a spillable place that could soak your notes. Also be sure your phone has a mute button and use it if you have to cough or sneeze or take a huge gulp of water (the audience can hear you swallow and gulp). Don’t forget to unmute yourself when you are done!

THE RADIO SHOW USUALLY CALLS EARLY:  Usually a producer will call the guest a few minutes before they are scheduled (however, this is not always the case) – listen to the show for those few minutes on hold and be ready to jump right in if the host puts you on air without anyone coming back on the line first.

GREAT MUST-KNOW TIP: FOLLOW THE HOST’S LEAD:  If he/she goes right into a question be prepared with an immediate answer – don’t say “hi, how are you doing”. Shows get right into it – signal your audience that this is one interview they will not want to miss!

HIGH ENERGY IS KEY:   It is important to optimize your book marketing opportunity on the air so keep your energy levels high. Be strong and confident in your voice, don’t sound tired. Avoid appearing meek, mild and unopinionated as these are the signs of a bad guests. Great guests are high energy, opinionated and media trained!

AUTHOR SHOULD KNOW CURRENT EVENTS:  Your radio host can ask you anything so be ready. Authors should always be ready to discuss the issues presented in their book however, authors must be prepared for current event commentary and have phrases at hand to lead the conversation back to your message.

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