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New Opportunity With Annie For FREE Publicity Exposure Of Your Services

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Be an EliteWire Podcast Publicity Guest
Wants lots of free publicity and exposure about the services you provide?

It all starts with Annie.

Why not let Annie know you would like to be a guest on Annie’s EliteWire publicity podcast series that features strong companies with a history of success providing services to authors, experts, speakers and businesses all looking to grow, expand and triumph in their businesses?

Do these people need you? Then the answer is simple. You should be a guest on Annie’s publicity podcast.

Fill out the form below and we will be on our way to showcasing you and your services. The podcast lets everyone know how fabulous you are. It is an easy and fast way to obtain a highly effective promotional asset that showcases you in all your excellence.

Your interview is conducted by a professional interviewer who knows how to make you look good . . .  look very good. This is your chance to get a promotional tool that can help you. The interviewer will make you look fabulous and be sure your listeners know the difference between you and your competitors.

Get your booking on the EliteWire podcast series, created just for outstanding speakers and experts who are contributing at the highest levels of their topic area.

The Podcast offers tremendous publicity benefits.

You get to enjoy a professionally produced “mini-commercial” that’s all about you, that you can use to showcase yourself on your website and share on your social media. Your podcast will also be featured on the EliteWire blog that enjoys thousands of views from people seeking just the right relationship with a professional.

Be appreciated for your hard work. Not only do the other podcasters share your post with others, Annie shares it as well with her community of over 75,000 followers, as well as sponsors your post in various social media platforms, offering you additional exposure throughout.

And at no cost. It’s free publicity for you and your firm

Here is a sampling of the questions you get to answer on the EliteWire podcast (plus you can tweak them if you like):

1.  Tell us a little about yourself and the services you provide.
2.  What is your philosophy of doing business? (Why are you special)
3.  What are the deliverables you provide to your client (that is, what do they get from working with you other than “try”)?
4.  Who is your ideal client? And how can you help them be more successful?
5.  Would you like to offer a success tip or a mistake to avoid you feel would be of interest to your listeners?
6.  How can listeners get in touch with you. What is your website?

Get your mini-commercial

Yes, this podcast can act as a mini-commercial that’s all about you conducted by a savvy and professional interviewer whose skill set will make you look like a million bucks, yet all you are doing is answering questions about why you are the best choice for the big opportunity.

Want to be a guest and get lots of free publicity?* Just let us know here:

Be An EliteWire Expert - Annie Jennings PR Firm

EliteWire podcast publicity testimonial:

“I absolutely loved my experience with Annie’s Showcase of Elite Experts podcast. The process was super easy, Stacy is a lot of fun to chat with, and having this interview really helps to bolster my profile as a podcast producer and consultant. It was worth every second of my time and I was thrilled with how the final product turned out! Thanks again!”

– Mathew Passy, Former Producer Wall Street Journal Radio Network

Get more publicity with your EliteWire podcast – sign up now to get your podcast booked

About Annie Jennings: Annie Jennings is the founder of the National Publicity Firm Annie Jennings PR and has innovated industry concepts for more than 20 years as the media has rapidly evolved. Annie has been a contributing commentator in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and hundreds more.

Annie Jennings offers the most powerful radio campaign as guests are booked on the best shows in the top cities/markets. Don’t miss your chance to be heard nationwide. And doing radio is easy too. The shows call you on the telephone and BINGO you are reaching out to all of their listeners. It’s good for you!

Affiliate programs are open and thriving for the radio campaign. Just email if you would like to refer your clients to Annie so they can get the best guaranteed deliverable radio campaign publicity at a price that’s no more than they can handle. Nice, right? Yes!

*Annie asks that her guests have five years or more of experience, know why they are good and can talk about their services as well as what they deliver to their clients that helps their clients be more successful.


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