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Publicity – How To Optimize Your PR Media Placements

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Publicity - How To Optimize Your PR Media Placements

Now that you have publicity, what do you do with this hard-earned PR?

You collect them; you leverage them; they are media gold

Accumulating these bookings as assets allows you to keep them working for you for years to come, giving you a competitive edge for the long haul. The all new PR strategy for success focuses on incorporating the big brand names into your marketing outreach and making sure your target market is well aware of your media accomplishments.

National media is critical to your publicity optimization

Consultants, speakers and authors have said that major national media is a critical component in building a greater, more profitable business and marketing strategy. It enhances growth and allows you to realize a potential that in many cases, you would not have been able to reach without that publicity. Becoming a regular contributor to a highly respected news outlet, for example, is a way to get noticed as a national expert in your field.

Big publicity helps you get hired

Or perhaps you want to be the consultant hired for big money contracts with prestigious organizations that enhance your image. With this scaled up reputation you are enjoying because of your increased publicity and visibility you may be able to name your price when it comes to speaking engagements. Some of our clients report back in that now, after working with our firm, they no longer haggle about price. They get their price. They tell me that being a national expert as evidence by major media commands their fees no questions asked.

What happens in the all new PR mindset, is that over time, you become the prize. You are now the one being pursued.

Real Publicity Story (see more using the real stories navigation bar)

Ken Mahoney hired Annie Jennings PR to do what no other PR firm had been able to do – get him booked on big NATIONAL TV. Ken says “Annie did it FAST” and now he’s landed a regular spot on a major national¬†financial TV show that is bringing him substantial new opportunities to excel in so many ways.

Ken says “work with Annie” if you really want the action. Think about publicity as investing in yourself, not just spending money.”

Don’t just plunk down publicity dollars without knowing the guaranteed deliverables

This is why investing in publicity assets offers a tremendous advantage over just plunking down money on any old publicity plan hoping for a miracle outcome. Investments are expected to pay off. Annie understands this and creates a PR plan that will help you achieve your ultimate potential with the media. As you leverage this media into opportunity you will see your investment paying off for you.

Publicity strategy crafted by a PR firm pay offs

There are no miracle outcomes. There is just a careful planning of a PR strategy that is implemented accordingly. The plan should be specifically designed for your intended objectives. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be regular or do you want to be great? Do you want to be the envy of your industry and call the shots? It’s all possible. Consistency over time following a PR strategy that has been tailored to your goals and dreams is the secret.

Optimal success in publicity

Obtaining the best success possible for you is the result of an investment in yourself and again, not just careless spending with no advance knowledge of the outcome.

So always ask this one question of your publicity and PR firm

That’s why you always have to ask your publicity firm, before you hire them, ¬†“What’s in it for me?” And of course, they should know the outcome and it should match what you would like to accomplish for yourself.

About Publicity Professional ANNIE JENNINGS: Annie Jennings, founder of the National Publicity Firm Annie Jennings PR, has innovated industry concepts for more than 20 years as the media has rapidly evolved. Annie has been a contributing commentator in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and hundreds more.

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