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Publicity Strategy: “It’s Go Time” All New PR Mindset

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Publicity Strategy: "It's Go Time" All New PR Mindset, Part 2

It’s go time for your publicity to take off!

Annie Jennings, founder of the National Publicity Firm Annie Jennings PR, has innovated industry concepts for more than 20 years as the media has rapidly evolved.

Annie has been a contributing commentator in the national media including Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, US Weekly, and been an invited speaker to NYU’s publishing program, The Harvard Club, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and hundreds more.

Once you have your PR strategy in place, it’s time to go after the media placements. It’s time to decide how you, your message, your book and/or area of expertise relates to society today.

First thing you should know, don’t try to force a publicity topic

Many people will try to force a topic through to the media. This is a mistake. It is so much better to go with the media flow (that is, the issues of the day) than try to push a concept or conversation that has no social relevance at the time.

When it’s go time, know your point of view and why it matters when seeking publicity

Define what it is you want to say and understand where you fit into the national conversation on topics within your areas of expertise. When you can address an issue people are talking about right now and are qualified to discuss it, the bookers can say YES to you.

So, what’s the ‘triple win’ in publicity?

This is what we call the triple win. The show, the audience and guest all get a deliverable. The show (or media outlet) keeps its listeners or viewers glued to the program or article, the audience is fascinated and the guest (YOU) is very happy as you got a chance to share your message, promote yourself and live your book out loud. You also get a strong media asset that you can leverage into more opportunity.

Want a publicity professional to help you win the game?

Many authors tell me they can do everything themselves and I admire that commitment to themselves and to the process that many  non-professionals will tell you it is not possible because of all the trouble people (non publicity professional) have connecting with the media. It’s not they don’t want to speak with you, they do. But there are only so many hours in the day and this makes it impossible to get to everyone what wants to speak with them.

When it is your ‘go time’ and you want a publicity pro to help, contact Anne Jennings PR

Annie Jennings PR has worked with too many experts to count in all areas of goals and objectives. She may have the exact publicity, marketing and branding plan that can works especially well for you.

Get in touch with Annie, invest your publicity dollars wisely

Get in touch by filling out this form just below. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Guaranteed publicity deliverables and pay for performance PR

Get guaranteed publicity contracts along with pay for performance publicity contracts that require the highly acclaimed and industry leader, Annie Jennings PR to perform on your goals and objectives. The best way to set up your PR plan is to hold your publicity firm to quantifiable deliverables. We offer that model.

Talk to us today using the form below. No obligation. Just media result that help you rise above your competitors to you can compete at their level or much higher. Come, see, get.

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