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Real Publicity Story: Ryan Says “My Phone Is Constantly Ringing Now With New Client Opportunity!”

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Real Publicity Story: Ryan Says "My Phone Is Constantly Ringing Now With New Client Opportunity!"

Real story of how working with Annie Jennings PR is your secret to standing out in your target market.

Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR Real Stories of Success Podcast Series. Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful guaranteed deliverables #1 radio talk show campaign in the country.  Authors come for high-impact book promotion and experts and speakers come to build up their high-powered brands by getting booked on the influential high-listenership radio talk show interviews in the top media markets as well as to take advantage of the famous pay for placement National TV, Print and Online Media publicity program.

Real stories of book promotion, publicity and branding success

In this podcast, our National Radio Director, Stacy Amaral Kauffman speaks with Ryan Gilliam – Business Coach, Entrepreneur and self-made Millennial Millionaire who shared his message and book, The Cost of Greatness, on over 330 radio talk show stations across the country in top media markets such as New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Tampa, San Antonio, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, among others. Ryan can now leverage major media brands ESPN Radio, CBS Radio, iHeart Media, NPR and more.

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Real Publicity Story: Ryan Says “My Phone Is Constantly Ringing Now With New Client Opportunity!”

Ryan, what was it like working with the famous Annie Jennings PR for your book promotion and publicity?

I feel like I came into this as someone very accomplished in the business world and able to do some really cool things. But I never got my name out there. I never went out and waved a banner that said look at me, so I did not have the credibility that some of my competitors had because they had been in the media. Before working with Annie Jennings PR, I was never able to break through and get my name and experiences out into the world. Since doing this program, my phone is constantly ringing now because people are hearing about me and they want to know more about the things that we are doing.

As part of your book promotion campaign, did you get lots of new business opportunities?

Ryan says: Yes, I was booked on an NPR show hosted by an alum from my alma mater as part of the radio campaign with Annie and before I even did the interview, someone who knew me reached out and said the host asked them to call me.  They said “hey I hear you are going to be on the show. I need you to come and talk to our students.” I don’t think they would have asked me to be a speaker if I was not on the radio show.

The PR campaign did an awesome job of not just highlighting my experience but getting my name out and letting people know I am available and accessible to come and work with their companies or speak to their audiences.

Ryan, many of our clients say their social media takes off with Annie’s marketing campaigns. Tell us how you leveraged your new media assets on your social media.

Ryan says: I think the quality of my posts are tremendously better. When you can create a post about how you are going to be on a big CBS radio show or ESPN or NPR it just blows everyone else out of the water. It gives me so much credibility and influence as people are saying this guy is really doing some great stuff, this guy has a lot of credibility. This is the guy we want to get to know a lot more. On social media most of the content is fluff but when you have high quality showcase content it goes a long way with social media.

What was it like working with the famous Annie Jennings PR radio booking team?

Ryan says: Everything is high touch. I like working with professional people who do a great job for you and they let you do what you are great at as well.  Jason, Annie’s media trainer, helped me learn how to be a great guest and Stacy, Annie’s radio director, did a great job coming up with segment ideas that resulted in bookings on big media. Again, it’s true, everything at Annie’s is high touch – above and beyond expectations. Getting me on the top shows that are key media assets to help me build my brand.

They say Annie has the PR blink factor, she knows why you are good in more ways than you do, true?

Absolutely. Annie is a people person. I really connected with her.

Annie had a good understanding of who I was and what my brand was all about and not only did she buy into my brand but showed me different brand expansion strategies and new places to take my message in different markets.

It was so encouraging to talk to someone who was not saying what you can’t do but telling you what you can do. Annie is someone I wanted to partner with to help me get to where I wanted to go in my career.

Ryan points out that you have to get out there and do the work. He says that when it comes to building your brand you have to work with professionals that know what they are doing. You can do it yourself but you will never have the success that I have had and others have had working with Annie Jennings PR.

Now, I can leverage the fact that I was heard across the USA on over 300 radio talk stations in top media markets. I would never be able to say that without having worked with Annie.

Ryan, what would you say to other authors, experts and speakers who are thinking of working with Annie Jennings PR?

If you are thinking about working with Annie, stop thinking about it and just do it. You will be much better off.

Annie Jennings PR is a #1 publicity firm offering book marketing, book promotion, branding and author, expert and speaker PR services.  This PR firm specializes in getting clients booked on the major radio talk shows, prestigious TV shows, influential online and print media. Annie offers the guaranteed deliverable radio talk show campaign that comes with a guarantee of performance, unlimited media training by an award-winning professional and bookings on the major radio shows in the big media markets as well as the nationally syndicated shows. Annie’s publicity team offers TV, print and online via their pay for performance publicity model where clients only pay for secured media opportunities. There are no monthly retainers making this campaign a favorite of the mega expert you see in the media on a daily basis.

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