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Ever Wonder How The Big Experts Think About Publicity?

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Now this is the big publicity secret. The PR thinking of the most successful authors, experts and speakers I know. They think of their publicity outreach as a business growth marketing strategy to be leveraged to its fullest potential. They think of publicity as an asset to be leveraged.

Have you ever wished you knew how the really successful experts build up their businesses? You can find out as these successful business professionals help you out by telling their real stories.

In these stories of publicity success you can access by using the link below, our real clients share principles of investing in themselves, via their media outreach, along with the publicity strategy that benefited them the most.

Many authors and experts say that working with Annie is about a bigger, more developed media strategy that benefits the client in more than one way. Annie is about building experts.

Here’s how the big experts think about publicity

This real PR client says, “in the consultancy world, it’s very important to have a reputation and your reputation is enhanced by media presence.” You can listen to many real marketing and PR stories at

Discover why investing in publicity assets offers a tremendous advantage over just plunking down money on any old publicity plan hoping for a miracle outcome.

There are no miracle outcomes in publicity

There is just a careful planning of a PR strategy that is implemented accordingly. The plan should be specifically designed for your intended outcome and become the result of an investment in yourself and again, not just careless spending with no advance knowledge of the deliverable.

Never do business on hope. Once you are at the point of saying “I hope this works” you are on the wrong path. There are marketing and promotion strategies that have worked for others that you can learn about that do not rely on hope.

And yes, I hear from a lot of authors who did just that – plunked down their book promotion or publicity money thinking that what was offered was a good deal for them. But no, at the end of the day, they report that nothing meaningful happened for them.

What goes wrong in publicity?

What went wrong? The error starts at the very beginning. With that first question we talked about in the first email. The question that has to be answered before you work with anyone is “what is in it for me”?

Again, no miracles here. Just strategic planning of your media outreach that fits with the situation presented. The facts are the facts. The idea is to use the facts in a way that expands your prestige, influence and clout to your highest advantage.

So, what’s the big secret of publicity success?

And that is the big secret of PR that the savvy buyers know. Strategic planning and the leveraging of their media assets. And that’s why they are with our firm. Because we know that secret too.

Some authors and experts want to succeed by magic. However, what is needed is a developed marketing strategy that moves the client forward to their highest, most relevant media placements that can work for them. A really great publicity firm builds up clients to reach their highest potential given the facts as they present themselves and to do this, you’ll need highly skilled publicists to create just the right situation for you.

Get a “just for you” publicity plan that targets your goals

For a personalized publicity plan please contact me using the Get Started Now button below.

About the Annie Jennings PR firm:

Annie Jennings of the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR, is a highly acclaimed national publicist whose outstanding vision & insight has inspired authors and experts to reach for their brass ring. Annie Jennings PR’s clients appear on all of the top national media in TV, print and online media. Annie offers the famous big show, big city, radio talk show publicity campaign for authors that includes a performance guarantee and unlimited media training with a professional in the radio business.  Annie Jennings PR also offers the preferred the pay for performance publicity model for TV, online media and print that allows a client to carefully target the media they feel will fit best into their business growth model.

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