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What Is Your Book About? Book Marketing Podcast Series By Annie Jennings PR

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Podcast Guest

Promotional book marketing podcast opportunity available to authors who would LOVE to answer the question “so tell me, what is your book about?”

Want to market your book to thousands with just one promotional podcast interview? At no cost to you? Annie Jennings PR would love to help you out. Annie’s podcast series features authors and experts in many areas and you might be a great fit.  Here is your publicity podcast sign up link to get your request to Annie fast.

As a guest on Annie’s book marketing podcast series, you will enjoy a professional interviewer along with a professionally edited podcast that showcases you and your book. You can share your podcast link on all of your social media including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. has thousands of podcasters and bloggers who have all agreed to share the posts of others they feel will be meaningful to their community. They might share your podcast and you might share theirs too. Everybody helping everyone else with high quality content. Nice!

The best part of being on the book marketing podcast is that it is all about showcasing you and your book

Your book marketing podcast introduction will include your name, area of expertise and your book title. An added benefit is that you can create the questions that you would like to be asked such as “why did you write your book?” and “what is your book about” to give you a chance to tell others all about your work.  Next comes the closing where your interviewer will let listeners know how they can buy your book and find out more information about you making for an excellent book promotion opportunity.

Get your free book marketing podcast

Your podcast is posted on the online magazine, JenningsWire, where thousands of other podcasters and bloggers are encouraged to share your podcast with their social media should they find it relevant to their communities, creating exposure to numerous social media circles. The potential is outstanding.

The end result is a truly fine promotional asset – all with Annie Jennings PR’s compliments!

Book marketing with Annie’s podcast series

Please sign up to be considered for your free author podcast called “So, What Is Your Book About?” that is offered by the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR here:

YES! Please share this book marketing opportunity with others

You are welcome to share this podcast sign up for the “So, What Is Your Book About?” podcast series offered by Annie with your social media communities, book clubs, associations and other author groups that you feel would benefit.

With millions of books published this could be your marketing edge

HURRY as interview times might be limited due to tremendous response.

A JenningsWire podcast producer will be in touch with you shortly to set up a preliminary call and schedule the date for your book marketing podcast.

Want everyone to know about your new book? This is the time to submit the book marketing podcast via the form mentioned above.

Podcast opportunity is offered with Annie’s compliments as she continues to lead the field in offering state of the art PR strategy that has lifted numerous authors to their optimal success.

What marketing and PR promotion services does Annie’s PR firm offer?

  • Big radio talk show campaigns with major interviews in top cities and markets
  • Radio campaigns include unlimited media training and a guarantee of performance
  • TV bookings on local, regional and national TV shows (you get free media training once booked)
  • Print media and major influential online bookings – top media outlets to add prestige and influence
  • Book trailers, mini-showcase videos, speaking and TV demo reels

Let Annie know you want to do business with her in publicity, book marketing and personal branding by using this form:

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