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Book Promotion Real Story: “I SOLD OUT Of All My Titles On AMAZON Working With Annie,” Says Author Anne Deidre

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Real Publicity Book Promotion Success Story With Anne Deidre, Life Coach, Author

Book Promotion Real Story

Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful radio campaign in the country where you are booked on high impact shows in top markets and she is famous for guaranteed deliverables.

Publicity podcast with focus on Annie’s famous radio talk show PR campaign

In this podcast, we share another real story of success to give listeners an inside look into what it’s like to work with Annie Jennings PR. Want to work with Annie Jennings PR?  Take a listen to a real publicity client tell what it was like for her to work with Annie’s PR team on her book promotion.

Our guest in this podcast, is Intuitive Life Coach Anne Deidre, bestselling author of Extreme Intuitive Makeover: 55 Keys to Health, Wealth and Happiness, who was featured on CBS Radio across the country, heard on NPR, Pacifica Radio and as a FOX News Radio Contributor.

Anne Deidre signed up for Annie’s famous BIG SHOW, BIG CITY radio interview campaign that includes unlimited media training as well as the performance guarantee. Listen to her tell how the campaign sold out her  books on Amazon.

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Book Promotion Real Story: “I SOLD OUT Of All My Titles On AMAZON Working With Annie,” Says Author Anne Deidre

Why did you decide to work with Annie Jennings PR for your book promotion? 

Annie “got who I was” instantly. I immediately felt a sense of comfort and support with that from our initial conversation and that carried into working with her team. I knew I wanted to work with her.

How was your experience working with the radio talk show booking PR team?

Amazing. The radio team knows what they are  doing and have a level of professionalism that helped me prepare for a very successful campaign. They are extremely creative and helped me feel prepared and confident.

What did you learn about publicity from doing the radio talk show interviews?

I learned how to laser focus in on the main points of my book to share with the host and their listeners. This was hard for me before coming to Annie. Getting the unlimited media training was key in my growth as a media guest. The radio also helped me understand how to interact with hosts and pare down my message into sound bites, preparing me for television.

What are you doing to leverage your book promotion PR you received in the interviews?

I have the logos from the interviews on my website and lots of Facebook fans have enjoyed following this process and it has resulted in increased clientele. Not to mention an increase in book sales! Not just in one title, but all my books sold out on Amazon and when replenished, they continued to sell well.

What role did Annie Jennings PR play in your overall branding, book promotion and publicity success?

Annie has been instrumental in helping me prepare for the kind of media attention that I know is a part of my purpose here as an author, speaker and coach. I would recommend to anyone thinking of hiring her to just do it. Even if you don’t feel you’re ready, the Annie Jennings PR team will get you ready for success!

To learn more about Anne Deidre, her books and services please visit

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Book Promotion Real Story: “I SOLD OUT Of All My Titles On AMAZON Working With Annie,” Says Author Anne Deidre

Want book promotion for your new book?

Just fill out the form here and let Annie know you want her to help you with book marketing and PR. You will love Annie’s blockbuster radio talk show campaign that comes with truly unlimited media training and a performance guarantee. You are booked on the bigger radio shows in the top markets/cities in the country with regionally and nationally syndicated radio talk shows included. This is how our real story PR client above, Anne Deidre, was able to sign up for the 8 radio talk show publicity campaign but was heard on over 330 stations. Nice!

You can speak with Annie about your personal book promotion success strategy ASAP by filling out this publicity interest from:

This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. For more information on how you too can experience radio success, please visit

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