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Book Promotion Story: “Annie’s Radio Campaign Was Flawless,” Says Attorney & Author Cecil Kuhne

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Real Publicity Success Story With Attorney and Author, Cecil C. Kuhne

Book Promotion Publicity Success Story

Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR book marketing and book promotion real client success stories. Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful radio talk show campaign in the country where you are booked on high-impact, high-listenership shows in major city and top markets. The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign includes unlimited media training as well as the “loved by authors” guarantee of performance.

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In this real publicity book marketing story podcast, radio talk show campaign client, Cecil C. Kuhne III shares his real story of success to give listeners an inside look into what it’s like to work with Annie Jennings PR.

Cecil C. Kuhne III, is the author of Cancelled, Delayed, Grounded: Law For The Frustrated Air Traveler (published by The American Bar Association). He is a litigator in the Dallas office of the national law firm, Norton Rose Fullbright and has authored over thirty books including The Little Book of BBQ Law and The Little Book of Elvis Law.

Book promotion using radio talk show exposure

During his radio talk show campaign with Annie, Cecil appeared on CBS Radio, iHeart Media and other top market radio stations across the country and nationally on Sunrise America.

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Book Promotion Story: “Annie’s Radio Campaign Was Flawless,” Says Attorney & Author Cecil Kuhne

How was your experience promoting your book with Annie’s radio booking team overall?

The Annie Jennings agency was tremendous to work with, and I was very impressed with their professional approach, their promptness, and their thoroughness. I felt that their amount of involvement was pitch perfect, and I can’t compliment them enough.

Working with Annie was a terrific experience. The radio campaign was flawless in its execution. They did a great job in preparing me for what to expect when speaking with the radio show hosts.

I could not have done it without Annie Jennings PR. They provided me with not only a great mock interview but would also monitor the interviews and offer suggestions for the subsequent shows.

We know that Annie offers her authors unlimited media training by an award-winning industry professional. Did you feel prepared for the interviews?

Extremely prepared. Taking advantage of the unlimited media training helped me tremendously, especially going through the mock interview process. Annie’s media trainer, Jason, also monitored several of my interviews to give me critical feedback that made me a better guest overall.

Did you feel confident, powerful and prepared for each radio interview?

And then some. Not only did the radio booking team provide the pertinent information regarding the station, hosts and contact information, they kept me up to date on the latest industry news stories and events happening in real time in my area of expertise. This was a critical component of the campaign because as a practicing attorney, I just don’t have the time myself to watch the news closely. Good thing Jason is on top of his game too – the hosts did ask me about the latest news and I was ready for it!

What was your favorite part of promoting your book with Annie’s radio campaign?

My favorite part of the campaign was talking to the radio show hosts, who seemed genuinely interested in the subject of frustrated air travelers (which seems to include just about everyone). Every interview was different, and I enjoyed the suspense of not knowing exactly where the particular host would go.

Would you consider working with Annie Jennings PR again?

Absolutely! I wish I had the pleasure of working with Annie for the thirty books I wrote prior to this new book, Cancelled, Delayed, Grounded: Law For The Frustrated Air Traveler.

To learn more about Cecil C. Kuhne and his books, please look him up on

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Book Promotion Story: “Annie’s Radio Campaign Was Flawless,” Says Attorney & Author Cecil Kuhne

Get Book Promotion With Annie Jennings PR

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The famous Annie Jennings PR firm offers one of the most powerful radio talk show campaigns your money can buy. Each radio campaign comes with a guarantee of performance, unlimited media training with an award-winning industry professional and booking on major name brand radio shows designed for maximum exposure of your message and adding power to your media bio and branding platform.

Enjoy the benefits of adding radio talk shows to your PR outreach as radio not only helps you share your message nationwide but also provides plenty of other valuable perks. Annie’s campaigns also help you:

  • Build confidence in your topic
  • Enhance your presentation skills
  • Contribute to your national expert status in your topic area
  • Build credibility in your area of expertise
  • Create media assets that can be leveraged into other opportunities
  • Showcase your knowledge, experience and point of view on relevant topics
  • Provide evidence that you are a vital and essential expert who is contributing to our society
  • Indicate that you and your firm are at performing at the height of your success
  • Convey energy, creativity and strength of you and your business
  • Create certainty in your clients and potential clients about doing business with you
  • Promote your business and website LIVE and ON THE AIR

Radio is cost effective and fast. Once you sign up with Annie’s radio campaign you will be able to blanket the country fast without ever leaving your home or office as the shows are conducted via telephone. Getting booked as a guest allows you to reach numerous people quickly.

Getting publicity for you and your firm allows you to build familiarity with your audience and a strong brand name. You create that “Oh yes, I have heard of that firm” effect leading to more opportunities for you.

This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. For more information on how you too can experience radio success, please visit

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