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Do You Offer Services To The Author Industry & Are Good At It? BIG Showcase Inside!

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Annie Jennings, Showcase of Elite Experts Creator

Welcome To The Annie Jennings PR Showcase Of Elite Experts

Are you good at what you do and want a lot more authors, experts and speakers to know about your services? Annie’s PR firm would like to invite you to be a guest on her Showcase Of Elite Experts podcast series that features creme de la creme publishing industry service providers to your target community. Podcast is booking SEO experts, online marketing, blog tour experts, publishers, self-publishers, editing pros, book coaches and lots more.

Annie’s Showcase Of Elite Experts intends to highlight a variety of top, respected industry experts.

“With all the pop-up businesses arriving on the scene to grab a piece of the action, authors, experts and speakers need to avoid working with someone looking to take advantage. With the internet offering few, if any, barriers to entry, anyone can say they are an expert in a service and present themselves as if they are one. The trouble is that it’s the authors who can wind up suffering. Keep in mind authors write books to share their knowledge, mission, wisdom and experience with readers. They simply must get the word out. Often times, “pop-ups” just don’t know how to do it and wrap you up in how they “tried” but nothing happened. They have your money, but you are left with a sinking feeling in your heart because you did not get your chance to contribute to the bigger conversation.

It’s time to turn it all around for authors

Annie says “NEVER GIVE UP”. Live your dreams out loud. Reaching real people. Touching them. Inspiring them. But to also do this, “authors and those hiring author related services simply must look beneath a fancy looking proposal or a hard core sell for the words ‘guaranteed deliverable’ or ‘performance guarantee’. In other words, what’s in FOR YOU?”

Enter Annie’s showcase of elite experts

Annie Jennings PR encourages authors to discover established publishing industry experts who can help them reach all new levels of success. From writing to editing to publishing to content creation to marketing strategies, our showcase experts cover the spectrum of services needed for success.

Also featured are experts on all things online such as SEO, website design, social media, blog tours, etc. to optimize their potential. Our showcase experts are enjoying tremendous action on their posts. So if you are you a good industry provider of services* and want more authors, experts, speakers, publishers and everyone in the industry to know about you showcasing yourself with Annie is a good idea. Also, referrals to the showcase welcome as well. If you have worked with someone amazing and want to refer them to the showcase that would be fabulous!

The podcasts are short (5-7 minutes), professionally conducted and edited. The podcast is posted on the Showcase Of Elite Experts blog and you get the podcast link so you can further reach into your community. You’ll enjoy a top of the line broadcast recording that describes how your services can help others.

You are NOT expected to share your intellectual secrets as the Showcase is a collection of Elite Experts with an expertise in a particular area and NOT a “secrets revealed” podcast. Annie believes that intellectual property should be protected as it represents your lifetime of knowledge, experience and services to the industry. However, you will be encouraged to talk about your services and the benefits of working with you.

The goal is to help authors and others work with some of the best experts in the industry.

Annie’s guests are dedicated, knowledgeable professionals with a proven expertise. Let Annie know you would like to be a SHOWCASE ELITE EXPERT. Sign Up form below

“I absolutely loved my experience with Annie’s Showcase of Elite Experts podcasts. The process was super easy, Stacy is a lot of fun to chat with, and having this interview really helps to bolster my profile as a podcast producer and consultant. It was worth every second of my time and I was thrilled with how the final product turned out! Thanks again!”

Mathew Passy, Former Producer Wall Street Journal Radio Network
Podcast Producer, Head Of Content For PodToPod

“Working with Annie and her team on my very first podcast was so much fun. It was so smooth and way easier than I ever anticipated. Not only did I get to talk about my business, but I have a great marketing tool to use on all my social media tools and even my business website. Annie and her team are true professionals who made me feel like a queen working with them! Thanks to you all!”

Kim Brechka, CEO/Founder Redgirl Productions
Former Producer, Ricki Lake and Montel Williams Show

* Annie would love to hear from you if you have about 5 years of professional experience and enjoy a thriving business with a proven set of deliverables. If you know others who qualify, please feel free to forward this email as I would love to meet them.

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