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How To Turn Publicity Into Money In The Bank With Annie Jennings PR

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How To Turn Publicity Into Money In The Bank With Annie Jennings PR

This author expert asked me a great publicity question.

“Am I still relevant?”

This is one important question to ask.

Because the answer is most likely NO.

But it can easily transform to YES.

How do you know if your message is relevant to your market?

Here’s how.  They are actively pursuing your services.

You have lots of business

And the energy around you is high.

But what if you lost your groove?

And your message is lost in yesterday?

How do you know?

You know because you are struggling for business.

You hate your competitors for getting publicity and business that should be yours.

You pick up the phone and IT’S NOT a new client calling you.

You will only admit to yourself (and perhaps to Annie) that you feel behind the curve.  Left behind. That getting enough publicity about you, your brand and other interests such as your book or speaking career.

And your life is a little bit like a dead zone.

The solution?

Update yourself and your message to speak to the issues facing your target market. And reaching out to America using radio talk show interviews as your publicity vehicle.

It’s called being socially relevant. Current. Sharing information that is important to today’s society.

But how do you know if you are doing “socially relevant” right?  How do you know what the issues are?

Well, that’s the challenge.  But Annie has the answer and it comes FREE with her publicity campaigns.

Your first step to becoming socially relevant is to work with Annie Jennings PR.

Because all of Annie’s authors and experts are taught how to find their unique point of view that resonates with society today.

Her media outreach campaigns teach you where your social relevance lies.

Annie’s professional booking team matches your voice to the issues of our society.

And then, you go ahead build products and services that your market is willing to buy based on what you learned while working with Annie.


It really is!

All you have to do is to meet Annie half way.

Annie finds your voice.

You take it to market!

Don’t miss the real stories of Annie’s client who turned their media outreach into money in the bank.  Listen free at to the real client success stories from the #1 PR firm for authors, experts and speakers.

Get the #1 radio campaign your money can buy at Annie Jennings PR.  Message expansion, finding your social relevancy and unlimited media training all included, only at the National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR.

Annie Jennings is a book publicity specialist who has worked with authors and experts booking them on radio shows, on TV shows, on the Internet as well as in magazines and newspapers. Want more book publicity strategies?  Visit the AnnieJenningsPR website for lots more info and to set up a time to speak with Annie.

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