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Real Book Marketing Story: “I Chose Annie Because I Trusted Her & She Saw My Tremendous Potential”

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Katherine Agranovich Real Publicity Story

Book marketing real story

Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR podcast series featuring real publicity success stories presented by the national PR firm, Annie Jennings PR. This publicity firm offers marketing and promotion services to authors, experts and speakers who wish to build up a powerful media bio, their influence and credibility, including a strong online reputation.

Book marketing podcast reveals how a high powered PR firm works for you.

In this real publicity story podcast, Annie Jennings PR interviews real book marketing client, Katherine Agranovich, PhD on her experience in working with Annie’s radio talk show booking team. Katherine took advantage of Annie’s #1 radio talk show campaign and reports she loved working with the team and did not want it to stop. So, she signed up for another round of radio talk shows. Very nice Katherine!

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Real Book Marketing Story: “I Choose Annie Because I Trusted Her & She Believed In Me!

Katherine Agranovich, PhD was heard on over 400 stations during her top market national radio campaign, including major media outlets such as FOX News Radio, CBS Radio, iHeart Media and more in big cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Denver and Seattle, to name a few.

What makes Annie Jennings PR such a great PR firm?

Katherine sent the Annie Jennings PR radio booking team an email that said only “FANTASTIC! AWESOME! GREAT!” We asked her what made her feel that way?

Katherine said “I was just so excited! You guys are miracle workers in booking so many fantastic shows. Annie definitely over delivered on the campaign. I could barely catch up with your bookings.

Another radio interview here, another one there, new topic, new idea, it was amazing what you were able to do. I did have to catch my breath but when the campaign was finished, I DIDN’T WANT IT TO STOP!

It felt so good. I was not ready to end it. So I signed on again for another round of radio shows.

Did your experience with Annie Jennings PR and your radio talk show campaign exceed your expectations?

Katherine says that she did not think she would be heard on so many radio talk shows. She says that Annie Jennings PR and her radio booking team have shown this keen ability to connect with her unique message and find appropriate media outlets to deliver it.

Katherine continues to tell her PR success story

“This experience made me better in my job. I was clear on my message and how I wanted to help people. Without working with your team of professionals, I don’t think I would have so much clarity on my mission.”

What about your social media communities? Did they grow?

“Yes, I have noticed more Facebook likes, website hits and page views increased and increased number of twitter followers. Media even followed me.”

Did the radio campaign provide impressive media assets to add to your social media platforms and bio?

Absolutely! As promised, the top national radio talk stations were delivered.

How was the unlimited media training that Annie includes in her radio talk show campaign?

Having an experienced team of professionals backing you up and supporting you provides a great sense of self-assurance, and builds your media skills to an expert level. Katherine said she was was empowered.

She adds “Jason, Annie’s media trainer, had great insights and took me step by step. I didn’t need to jump off a cliff into the radio talk show waters without knowing how to swim. He made it so my interviews were natural, easy and comfortable.”

What was it about Annie that made you want to work with her?

Other publicists focused on who I was not. They told me ‘No, you don’t have those credentials. No, we can’t do this or that. No, that cannot happen.'”

Annie believed in Katherine when nobody else would . . . 

“I knew I would be successful with Katherine as she had tremendous potential that I spotted right away. Our team has so much experience that I can identify a winner instantly and make them WIN in real life,” says Annie. “People have always told me that I have the blink factor in that I can see things that are often hidden to others.  I see a person for who they can be and what they can accomplish and then bring them up to their natural level of success where they should have been all along.

“Annie focused on what I was, not what I wasn’t,” says Katherine.  “She was very positive. ‘Yes, it could be delivered. Yes, your message could be heard. Yes, you can help people.’

The performance guarantee is obviously a bonus.”

Annie’s radio talk show campaigns come with a guarantee of performance. Her talk show clients are only booked on the high-listenership, big radio shows in the major markets and on regionally and nationally syndicated radio shows that allow the client to reach out across the nation very quickly with their message while mentioning their book, website and other interests. Some people love the fact that the interviews are phoners, meaning all you have to do is talk on the phone and yet, you are heard by thousands upon thousands or more. Nice!

And Annie offers unlimited media training by a professional radio media trainer with a rich history as a news producer and booker at one of the biggest radio stations in the industry. Her media trainer teaches her clients how to be great during the interview. You’ll learn the skill set of being a guest plus master the presentation of your message in a way that builds up excitement for you and your book or other interests. This way everybody wins, especially her clients.

“But for me, the main reason I decided to work with Annie was that I trusted her and believed that she believed in me.”

To learn more about Alternative Health & Well-being Expert, Katherine Agranovich PhD, author of Tales of My Large, Loud, Spiritual Family: Finding Peace, Purpose and Healing in the Chaos of Daily Life please visit

Book marketing PR firm, Annie Jennings PR

Annie Jennings PR is a book marketing PR Firm specializing in providing publicity and book promotion services to authors, speakers and experts. Annie’s PR firm offers the famous pay for placement publicity program as well the powerful radio talk show campaign that comes with a guarantee of performance, bookings on big radio talk shows in major cities as well as unlimited media training. Annie has a no retainer business model that allows clients to create a personalized publicity and marketing plan to target the most influential media opportunities that fit in with clients’ business models.

This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. For more information on how you too can experience National Media success and guaranteed deliverables, please visit

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