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Real Publicity Story: Dr. Edelstein Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

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Real Publicity Book Promotion Success Story With Peter Edelstein, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Real Story Book Promotion Publicity Story

National publicity expert, Annie Jennings, shares a real PR story of her client’s publicity and business model success. Find out why Annie’s PR is in high demand for authors and experts who wish to invest in themselves, build up their national profile, expand their credibility, empower their media bio, be seen as a top national expert and achieve more success. Annie’s clients make a difference in the world as their reach is wide and expansive. Many of her clients say they achieve all they have due to Annie’s ability to simply get the job done. Discover how they do it in this real publicity success story podcast.

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Peter Edelstein, M.D., FACS, FASCRS, is the author of Own Your Cancer:  A Take-Charge Guide for the Recently Diagnosed and Those Who Love Them. Dr. E has been featured on NBC News, Daytime TV, Sirius XM, has written for, and is now a regular contributor to Psychology Today.

Dr. Edelstein says that he was hooked on Annie from the very beginning.  “When you speak to Annie you will feel a big difference. They understand my dream and I knew they were going to help me.  Annie’s publicity team is the team I had hoped to find but never thought I would.”

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Real Publicity Story: Dr. Edelstein Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

Why did you decide to work with Annie Jennings PR for publicity? What was the clincher?

I had spoken with other PR firms about my book promotion and publicity but as soon as I got on the phone with Annie, things were different immediately. It was right away that I felt she had significant real-world expertise and a track record of success. She asked me about my goals. She laid out a plan for me from this day forward. I thought, now here is someone with the knowledge, experience and time commitment to get this job done.  I was hooked.

If authors and experts are just getting started like you were and are nervous or afraid, what publicity or book promotion advice would you give them?

Understand your own goals and objectives. Whether it is about book promotion, publicity or building up your speaking career. What is your dream? What you will find is that when you start to share your dream with other PR firms and then speak with Annie you will see how different Annie and her team are. Annie will not try to change your goals or your dreams, she will help you understand the guideposts along the way and what you need to do to get there.

Annie Jennings PR is very unique. They know you are new to this . . .

They know you are worried about getting financially ripped off. They know you are afraid someone is not going to help you with your dreams. But again, Annie is different.  Every time they called me with a new opportunity it was a major opportunity. Before I knew it I was on National Radio, National TV and a regular blogger for Psychology Today with over 3 million readers per month. Her guaranteed deliverables will give you a sense of security, that you are investing in yourself and know what you are getting.  You can feel good about where your money is going.

How was your experience working with the performance specialists on Annie’s publicity team?  

I cannot say enough about Annie, Stacy, Sara, Meridith, and Jason.  Not only do they get me the best gigs, not only do they completely prep me for all of my PR activities, they are also truly warm, nice people who are clearly “on my side.”  They actually revel in my successes.  Meridith has built me two beautiful websites. All of the attention you get makes you feel like you have your own PR firm!

What did you learn from doing the radio interviews? TV? Online placements?

Annie’s unlimited media training that comes with her radio talk show campaign teaches you a tremendous amount about how to be a great guest so that the show is happy, the audience is engaged and the hosts wants you back. The radio talk show interviews have been enormously valuable, both in initiating my real branding and also in furthering my professional speaking skills.  Plus, knowing that my financial investment was providing me opportunities in truly large markets was great.

In addition to publicity, you also worked with Annie to create your new website. Did you like the outcome?

Did the digital team create something that you are proud of? Was their vision for you what you were looking for? YES!

Annie’s experience, appreciation of current marketing and PR trends, and vision (again, all aligned with my professional goals) were invaluable in taking my website from generic to a professional, “WOW” site. Annie kept me from making all of the rookie mistakes. Then when she turned me over to Meridith to design the site, I realized Meridith was an artist. I could not believe this beautiful site was for me! 

Meredith’s creativity and skill in taking my concepts, Annie’s vision, and incorporating her own ideas into that amazing site were invaluable.  And I checked with competitors, learning that I was paying the right amount (in some cases less) than the going rate for such quality and attention to detail.

Did prestigious opportunities arise for you? If so, how?

Absolutely.  I am now a regular expert contributor to a major health website.  And the significant number and variety of media appearances have given me enormous credibility.  Now before I present, my bio actually excites audiences.  Now, it’s beginning to get me professional speaking opportunities (my ultimate goal).

What role did Annie Jennings PR play in helping you achieve your dreams?

Without Annie Jennings PR, I would still be dreaming of someday starting the journey towards a career as a professional speaker.  I am climbing the ladder exactly as we planned.  Annie’s publicity team has delivered as promised and certainly met (and often surpassed) my expectations.

To learn more about Peter Edelstein, M.D., FACS, FASCRS, his book Own Your Cancer:  A Take-Charge Guide for the Recently Diagnosed and Those Who Love Them, and other services please visit

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Real Publicity Story: Dr. Edelstein Says He Was Hooked On Annie From The Beginning!

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