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TV Publicity, Radio Shows & Online Columns – 4 Amazing Reasons To Hire Annie Jennings PR

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Annie Jennings PR Clients discuss their publicity successReal Success Stories from Annie Jennings PR Clients
Real Publicity Success Story With Ken Mahoney, CEO

Ken Mahoney hired the national TV publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR to do what no other PR firm had been able do – get him booked on big NATIONAL TV. Annie did it FAST and now he’s landed a regular spot on HUGE TV Show that’s perfect for his area of expertise. Ken says that his clients love seeing him on TV and are sending him lots of referrals and his career and business is skyrocketing.

Real Publicity Success Story With Jim Alampi, Author

One day, Jim Alampi hired national publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, a PR firm specializing in building businesses. Soon thereafter, Jim had achieved the PR success that his business growth model needed to excel. Listen while he tells his insider success story. After speaking to Annie the only question Jim had was “how fast can we get started?”.  Annie Jennings PR offers radio talk show campaigns, TV publicity and online media campaigns to qualified authors and experts.

Real Publicity Success Story With A'Mera Frieman, Author

Race Relations Advocate, A’Mera Frieman, researched lots of PR firms but none had the stats or clout of Annie Jennings PR. A’Mera hired Annie to get the #1 most powerful radio talk show campaign in the industry. A’Mera attracted lots of new opportunities due to her campaign and says “she would have been lost” without Annie Jennings PR.  Annie’s professional radio talk show booking PR team helped A’Mera learn how to turn her fiction book into a high quality and in-demand non-fiction message that landed her top radio interviews in major cites. 

Real Publicity Success Story With Brian Fielkow, Business Advisor

Business Expert, Brian Fielkow, has achieved high powered, business building PR including The NY Times by working with Annie. He also signed up for Annie’s #1 most powerful radio talk show campaign that Annie leveraged into more major media that attracted lots of new opportunities, new speaking events and new clients. Brian says he signed up with Annie because of her stellar reputation and says he was “not disappointed!”.

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