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Authors Are Asking If Getting Booked On TV Shows Is Good For Book Promotion

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Authors Getting Booked On TV Shows For Book PromotionIs being a guest on TV shows good for book promotion and marketing? Yes, it is!

Many authors are wondering what is the best way to optimize their book promotion and book marketing strategy. I will answer this question with getting booked as the guest on TV shows as the media outlet we will address.

TV shows are very effective for book promotion.

Here’s why. Many of the local TV shows are very friendly to authors and generally will mention their book in the lower third of the screen and even show a copy of the book on the air.  If you are a great guest, discussing a topic of interest to the audience of the show, your audience will enjoy the segment and have a favorable opinion of you and your book. If your book touches a portion of the audience they will be inclined to purchase your book to learn more, especially if they feel it can help them solve their problems or help them live a better life.  Remember you are on the show for book promotion purposes so be prepared to give a great informative, content rich interview and be prepared to answer the question what did you write your book and what can the audience learn from your book. The bottom line is that if you want to optimize your book marketing strategy its a great idea to promote a book on TV!

So yes, getting booked on TV shows as the guest should be a fundamental of your book marketing strategy.

Although one TV guest booking will not be enough to totally promote your book. At our firm, we recommend the author implement a variety of book promotion strategies to achieve an overall successful book marketing campaign.  We recommend the author create a comprehensive strategy that include getting booked on radio talk shows and TV shows as the guest as this reaches thousands of listeners easily. We also recommend that the author get booked in online media outlets especially those that link back to their site.

TV has lots of power in your book marketing strategy.

And it’s also very good for building your business. Imagine your target marketing see you on TV shows both locally and on the national TV shows. Will they be impressed. Absolutely. Not only is TV an excellent book marketing strategy it is a powerful tool to promote your business as well. Be sure to get copies of your appearances to post on your Youtube channel and on your website. You can also post your videos of your appearances on your social media as well.

But remember, a strategy combines various media outlets.

Authors should strive to have presence not only on TV and radio talk shows but also in the influential online media outlets as well. Authors should also join lots of groups that reach their target audience on LinkedIn and be responsible contributors. The idea is to be where your target market is and always present yourself as a professional.

If you would like to learn more how to promote a book please be sure to visit our website, Annie Jennings PR.  See you there!

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