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Authors Are Asking If Talk Radio Is Good For Book Promotion

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Authors Are Asking If Talk Radio Is Good For Book PromotionLots of authors are confused about what makes a great book promotion campaign.

It does seem complicated.

Authors ask “should I do an online campaign or a radio talk show campaign, or what?”

The answer is that it takes many types of outreach to create a successful media or book promotion campaign.  Our firm, Annie Jennings PR, specializes in several areas that had proven to be winners for book promotion and author exposure.

National publicity expert, Annie Jennings, says ” I like radio talk show for coast to coast exposure for the authors. The author is live and on the air sharing their message and promoting their book to thousands or more all at one time.”

But authors always ask, does book promotion by way of radio talk shows sell books?

“Yes,” says Annie Jennings, “Appearing as the guest on radio talk shows allows you to showcase your knowledge, credibility and personality to the audience. Once your listeners get to know and love you, if your topic matches something they are interested in at the moment, the better your chances at a books sale.

What else should authors be doing for optimal book promotion?

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