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Drive Your Book Promotion Competitors Crazy, Get Your Own “PowerBooker”!

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Book promotion success tip that really works

Have you ever wondered why the Annie Jennings PR clients have so much success? Not only in book promotion but also in building their careers, creating powerful media bios and turning up on all of the influential media?

National publicist, Annie Jennings, knows how to bring out the best of an author, expert’s or speaker’s potential. So much so, that if you are not using this firm for your media outreach, perhaps your toughest competitor is using Annie Jennings PR.

Why not drive your competitors crazy and get your own “PowerBooker” by working Annie Jennings PR.

Make it so your business competitors just can’t keep up with you.

Annie’s clients are getting booked on influential media. They work with Annie’s professional and experienced publicity team on building various skills in areas of how to be a great guest on radio talk shows and TV shows and how to build out their area of expertise so they can qualify for more media in more areas of their knowledge.

The bottom line, you really don’t want to compete with Annie’s clients.

Is better to be an Annie Jennings PR client and not have to compete against one.

To get the most out of your book promotion strategy you want an Annie Jennings publicist (aka PowerBooker) working on your behalf.

You don’t want your competitors to have a PowerBooker when you do not.

Because everywhere they look, you will be there instead of them.

Nice, right?

Professional book promotion strategies

Annie says “be sure to interview more than one publicist and ask the question about their area of expertise and history of success in the area. Anyone can say they are a publicist but to find the right one for you, that can do the job you want done, you have to ask the one one simple question – what is in it for me?”. The more you know about your deliverables the better you can be a choosing the right publicity firm for you with the right PR strategies for your goals and objectives.

Want more book promotion tips?

Why not visit the famous book promotion and marketing website, Annie Jennings PR, website at

Annie Jennings PR is a publicity industry book promotion expert who helps authors and experts get booked on national radio and TV shows, as well print and online media to help them share their message.

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