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Book Promotion Questions Common To Authors & Speakers

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Book Promotion Questions Common To Authors & SpeakersWould you like to know what other author and speakers want to know about their book promotion?

Below are a list of questions that Annie Jennings PR’s professional team of highly experienced book promotion expert publicists will share in Annie’s teleseminar series. Many authors, speakers and experts have a lot of similar questions. I would like to share them here so you can get an idea of what’s on the the minds of other authors, speakers and experts..

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Here are the  book promotion and publicity questions asked by real authors just like you:

How do I expand a niche book to a broader audience?
Does self publishing limit media opportunities?

Where can a speaker showcase their skill set so they can get hired?
What are the best things a new author can do to get noticed?

How can I get effective PR that will help generate income?
How do I leverage my media appearances into revenue?

How do I get booked on local radio and television interviews?
What is the best and fastest way to self promote my book?

I am in a fast moving area and the info in my book will be obsolete when book is published, any advice?
How can I use media to get booked as a speaker?

What  is the most effective marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and why?
How do I get those bigger media opportunities?

What are some of the best promotional strategies for personal and business success coaching?
How do I become a paid speaker and get a booking agent?

What is the best way to build awareness of a law firm? (firm has already been on CNBC and featured in Fortune Mag)
How do I become a guest on TV talk or news show, local and beyond? (she does lots of radio but does not know how to break into TV)

Why isn’t my book selling?
What is the best way for fiction authors to promote their work online?

If I have a great book idea, do I need a literary agent (he has a list of publishes who accept queries/proposals without an agent)
Do I need media training, why can’t I just wing it?

Is there such a thing to do too many low level media? Isn’t all media good for me?
If I was booked on a local TV morning talk show, does that mean I am ready for a big national TV show?


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