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Book Promotion Using Radio Media

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Want to create national expert status for yourself and experience a huge competitive edge in your target market?

Book Promotion Using Radio MediaGet started by writing a book that showcases your talent, expertise, wisdom and credentials and then get booked on radio shows.  This article presents the promotional, branding and publicity benefits you need to know about book promotion using radio media.  Reach millions of people with your message, experience your dream of your book making it BIG, get booked as the guest interview on radio shows and experience your marketing, branding, book promotion and publicity goals and let your dreams come true.

Radio is excellent for the expansion of your message.  With radio you have to the time and opportunity to showcase your knowledge, wisdom and experience on various issues because you have time for discussion.  You can also reach your target markets quickly as radio is one of the fastest way to your audience. For those who like instant gratification, radio is for you.    It is an immediate booking so you can get going fast plus you can get excellent branding, publicity and marketing results not to mention creating of buzz.  Radio avoids the longer lead time you have for print.

You can create a relationship with listeners & showcase your knowledge.  Up close and personal is the name of the game in radio, it’s you and the listener, (tens of thousands of listeners) but it feels more like one on one.  The radio format is ideal to help you engage the listener while creating a sense of them knowing who you are.  Radio, that is engaging in a conversation that is meaningful, gives you the change, again, to edge out your competitors as the listeners know you and not them.  So, trust and a relationship is born.

Radio interviews offer you the chance to experience the media in a way that makes it an excellent training ground for more media and more publicity.  Radio interviews take place over the phone so there is no make up, hair, travel making radio a lot easier and affordable to do.  Plus, you get to try out your commentary to see how it works for you in a shorter more content rich style.  Since the pace of radio is fast, you learn the skill set to prepare you for other media such as major TV.

Guests can also experience different style hosts who approach the same topic in their own way as it makes them a better commentator.  Guests can try out their signature stories that emphasize their point to see how they work on radio.  Radio is less pressure than TV because you can have your notes with you, your segway statements, your promotional commentary right in front of you whereas in TV you are LIVE AND ON THE AIR!

Plus you can promote your book, your website and your interests after you have packed your interview with content.

Remember, radio is not fully about book promotion, it’s about sharing your insight and views with the host and listener however, radio initiates action – listeners can buy your book, go to your website or contact you.  If you have done a great job for the host, that is delivered a block buster, edge of your seat interview, the host will reward you by promoting you or offering you the opportunity to promote your book, yourself, your business and your website etc.

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