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Create Book Promotion Buzz In The Media With A Radio Talk Show Campaign

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Getting Book PublicityCreating Book Publicity Buzz With Media.

A book publicity strategy for maximum sales and exposure for your business message includes securing interviews on radio talk shows and local and national TV shows, getting your name and expertise mentioned in magazines and newspaper articles as well on article placement on the major online media. Each of these media outlets are powerful venues for book promotion, maximizing sales and overall publicity. Getting your name and book name mentioned in the media is excellent for book promotion and book publicity.


Lots of authors use radio talk show campaigns for publicity.

Using radio interviews is an important part of your  strategy  and is important to authors promoting books. Getting booked on radio interviews allows you to reach lots of people quickly. I like to call radio a safety net.  It’s active PR, that is, you are truly on the air and have a chance to impress and influence your audience. Radio shows in the Top 35 or Top 50 radio markets and nationally syndicated radio shows are extremely powerful and also bring you outstanding exposure   Your radio campaign should include the the high listenership shows in the top cities.


The major benefit of radio is that the interview is generally about your book’s topic and you have more control over the conversation (totally recommend getting media training to learn how to promote your book during the interview responsibly. Radio interviews allow you to mention book and your message message several times and you can let listeners know how to connect with you personally as well by mentioned your website.  You will want your website to be optimized for book sales of course. Once again, media training can help you craft your ‘on the air’ sales strategy so you do not sound like an infomercial. Too much promotion can turn off the audience so there is a strategy that works, you’ll just have to learn how to mention your book with respect to the audience and the radio show.


Getting yourself booked on TV shows is important for exposure, brand name and book title recognition and importantly, creates national expert status for you as well.  TV talk show segments are generally several minutes long and may or may not focus exactly on your topic so its good to be able to discuss issues relevant to society today but also tie into your book.  You can appear on the show offering commentary and insight into any topic that falls within your credentials.  Appearing on local TV shows, regional TV shows and National TV Shows including FOX NEWS, FOX Business Channel, CNN and CNBC certainly increases your credibility and up levels your brand name with the audience.

Want to find out more about promoting books?

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