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Got Book Promotion Questions? You Are Not Alone!

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Book Promotions Questions Answered By Annie Jennings PRAnnie here!

It’s true, authors have tons of questions from how to publicize their new book, to how to make money with their book to how to share their message with the world and lots more.

Many authors share the same questions and want to know a lot more about their book promotion strategy.

Book Publicity. But what type of PR works?

Each type of media outreach has a deliverable – something that happens for the the author as a result of the media placement so understanding the likely outcome of your publicity strategy becomes key to selecting the right type of PR to promote your books.

Below are some of the questions authors are asking me to address in our upcoming teleseminar, GOT QUESTIONS.

Author Book Promotion Questions Include:

1) How can I become a paid speaker and sells books at the same time?

2) Do press releases work?

3) How can I get a publisher for a self help memoir?

4) How do I become a guest on a TV talk or news show?

5) Why isn’t my book selling?

6) How do you most effectively leverage media appearances into revenue?

7) What is the best way to promote fiction online?

8) Do I need a literary agent?

9) I want to help as many people as I can. How can I use publicity to do that?

So, do you recognize yourself in the questions above?  Are you wondering how to make the most of your publishing experience?  Well, you are certainly not alone. These are just a handful of the questions our team of outstanding publicist will address in the telesminar called “Got Questions”.

You might enjoy the book promotion and marketing blogs I have posted on my online magazine, JenningsWire.  Be sure to check out my author page at here for more posts.


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