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Trusting A PR Firm To Deliver Outcomes That Empower Your Brand

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Trusted Publicity FirmAnnie Jennings PR Firm can help you build an influential brand. But how?

That’s what many authors, experts, speakers and business professionals want to know about leveraging their media placements to create a bigger and more influential brand.

Whether it’s in book marketing, promotion, brand building or enhancing one’s reputation, choosing a PR firm you can trust makes the difference between success and failure.

Annie Jennings PR knows and shares this valuable information with her clients. Having booked hundreds, if not thousands, of experts in the media, our PR firm has developed an expertise over time and a deep understanding of how authors, experts and speakers can leverage their media to build up their brand so that it works for them even when they are not around.

But how does it all work? That’s where Annie comes in.  

Big brands sell books. They land deals, speaking engagements, consulting work and influential clients.

“The media has changed over the years,” says national publicist, Annie Jennings, head of the highly acclaimed media booking and publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR. “The edge is in knowing how they have changed and adjusting strategy accordingly.

That’s why you need a savvy, educated and experienced PR Firm like Annie Jennings PR to guide you to success.

“We can’t change what is, but we can change our approach,” adds Annie.

Annie Jennings PR advised her clients to go where the media is, be where they need to be, in order to get their interest. The advantage Annie’s clients have is that Annie and her professional team of publicists know where the media has been in a story and knows how to bring that story to the next level, using her clients to move the conversation forward. And that’s the trick to getting booked these days. You just have to know.

How do you find a PR firm that knows?

Exactly the question. Back in the day, Annie says, “I gave numerous speaking sessions on the subject of PR. I taught thousands of people the secrets of PR that worked at that time. I helped so many people learn what they needed to learn to raise the standard of their businesses, relationships and philosophies of working with the media.

I did this because I experience their passion but noticed they lacked the skill set to get their message heard and I noticed that these authors and the others were so eager to be heard.

I did this to help others live their dreams. But something else happened too.

I have noticed that many people who used to show up as authors in these training sessions started their own PR firms. And their knowledge is certainly dated.”

There is so much more to know now.  There are a lot of publicists who are relying on old strategies that no longer work with the media but this not only hurts them but hurts anyone who signs up with them.

The PR story that really happened.

“Just yesterday, a PR firm pitched me the same author/person more than once, via email, and with the same generic press release,” says Annie. “I know what you are thinking. ‘Why? Annie is not a journalist or producer’. Exactly. Why am I getting the release? Because they are slamming everyone who could possibly say yes to a media placement with the release without a targeting strategy. Does the client know their name is being dragged around like this? I doubt it. I happen to know the client personally and they have no clue.

But the next time, when they switch to working with our publicity firm, we will hit the brick wall that was set up for them by other promotion and marketing firms using this kind of big blast strategy without targeting, without thinking. Luckily, we can breakthrough and reestablish the clients reputation but it’s not easy.”

Which PR firm are you gong to trust with your publicity?

Who do you trust? Well, let’s ask a couple of questions.

Would you trust:  A PR firm with so much know-how and confidence that they can guarantee their performance for you? A PR firm that can offer you a money back guarantee with their contract? Or create a performance based arrangement where the client makes investments that works for them? If so, that’s Annie Jennings PR.

Or this: Trust someone who may be new to the publicity industry – or who may be  just “trying” to book a media opportunity for you but not succeeding? Or worse yet, dragging your name into their bad booking policies and you may never know. You just know that nothing good is happening PR-wise for you. (Keep in mind that Annie’s publicity teams go out with intent to land a booking for the client, there is no “t word” (try)).

Or choose this style firm: Someone who charges a monthly fee just to be in the publicity game where you pay them whether they get you anything or not?

Annie shares this story in her publicity speaking events to explain what it feels like to pay a lot of money but wind up with just about nothing: “I have to laugh when I use this analogy to make the point,” says Annie. “How would you like it if you went into a car dealership and asked your sales person to find you the car you loved but in the color white. And your color was not on the sales lot. And they had to search other dealers to try to find it. But they did not find the color you wanted but you had to pay them anyway just for looking. How would you feel?

That is how many of the clients that come to our PR firm feel if they have worked with someone else.

They feel sad, disappointed and almost disillusioned. But Annie gives them hope. Hope that it’s not too late for them to share their message in real-time PR and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Sure, they wasted money before, but now it’s time to get it back by leveraging the media Annie’s PR firm gets for them into lots of new opportunity.

It’s time to get back your publicity power.

Let Annie know that it’s your time to work with her firm, Annie Jennings PR. Just click on this link to set up a time to talk about the possibilities: Publicity interest form right here.

You can sign up for radio talk show campaigns, online media campaigns, TV campaigns and even print campaigns. With radio, you get a money back guarantee and lots of FREE perks such as unlimited media training from a highly qualified radio professional with about 25 years of experience (imagine the skill set he can teach you – and it’s a free perk – Annie includes it for you). TV, print and online are offered under our performance contract that does not charge a client a monthly retainer. So many clients are saying “now this is how PR should be done!”

Work with the professional #1 PR firm that is considered one of the best in the industry.

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