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Real Book Promotion Story: Bob Allison Says Annie’s Big HEART Won Him Over, “She Really Cares”!

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Real Publicity Success Story With Bob Allison, Author

Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR Real Stories of Success Podcast Series for book promotion and author expert platform building.

Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful radio talk show campaign in the country where you are booked on high impact radio talk shows in top markets. Appearing on top market, major radio shows helps authors and experts with book promotion and marketing, building up a powerful and influential platform and creating a national reputation as an expert in their field, not to mention adding lots of power to your bio.

Get book promotion and marketing power with radio talk shows

Authors love the performance of Annie’s radio talks show campaigns. This real story of author success tells how to make the most of your radio interviews. “Something wonderful happens to everyone who works us,” says the powerful force behind the famous firm, Annie Jennings. “We never know in advance what it will be but our authors tell us of the terrific new opportunities that come their way. We share them in our real stories podcast series.”

The most powerful radio talk show campaign your money can buy.

Annie is famous for guaranteed deliverables for radio talk shows, TV shows, in print media and online. This means that you get what you pay for or Annie does not accept payment. Authors, experts and speakers LOVE her pay for performance publicity model for TV, print and online media and guaranteed radio talk show campaign because it allows them to invest in themselves and identify their return on investment.

Real story book promotion podcast with author, Bob Allison

In this podcast Bob Allison, who is the author of the book Saved by the Prince of Peace: Dungeon to Sky, which tells the story of how he found freedom from chemical dependency, shares his experience working with Annie Jennings PR for his book marketing and book promotion. As a result of working with Annie’s publicity team, Bob became a ‘go to’ addiction expert, appearing on SiriusXM, CBS Radio, iHeart Media, NPR and numerous national shows, to spread his message of hope!

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Real Book Promotion Story: Bob Allison Says Annie’s Big HEART Won Him Over, “She Really Cares”!

Why did you decide to work with Annie Jennings PR for your book promotion? What was the clincher?

Annie Jennings was the final reason that I chose Annie Jennings PR to help me to market my published book. I also had a very strong recommendation to work with Annie, from Anika Watkins of Moximedia Management. I learned that Annie Jennings, PR has a very strong history and following in the industry. I had an initial phone interview with Annie, and I was immediately impressed with her depth of knowledge and enthusiasm for helping people to succeed. She outlined specific guarantees and promises that would be kept. My project is complete and I know that Annie and her team kept all of their promises and in fact, they even over-delivered. 

How was your experience working with the radio talk show booking team?

Annie’s team was outstanding in how they guided me through the process of doing the radio interviews. Annie’s media trainer, Jason, educated me on what to know about presenting on the radio — what to emphasize and to look out for. I was taught how to appropriately promote my book and how to bring the radio hosts back on track, if they wandered. I was taught how to use transition sentences that allowed me to talk about what was important to me. Jason was very positive and encouraging and had a great sense of humor.

Stacy was the person that I had the most contact with, and she is the best of the best!  Stacy is an experienced professional with a very calming and friendly personality. She handled setting up and  securing all of my radio interviews and she provided me with all of the information I would need, like the interview schedule, which she kept constantly updated. She also let me know the topic of discussion for each of the interviews and what I could expect. I am sure that Stacy also did a lot of work behind the scenes that I was not aware of. My part was easy, all I had to do was the interviews, and share my knowledge and experience with the public. Stacy made the experience fun and easy!

 What did you learn from doing the interviews? (Annie knows why you are good before you do!)

I learned that there is tremendous demand for information and experience on chemical dependency. I learned that I am an expert in my field and that there are thousands of people that I can help. I learned that doing radio interviews is fun and easy. I learned that I could reach about 600 radio stations nationally, because of the syndication system where one station shares the broadcast with dozens of other stations, so that I build tremendous market penetration and leverage. I learned that I was good on the radio, and I received several compliments from the radio hosts about how I communicated. I learned that my experience, strength and hope can help thousands of people and that radio can help me get there.

What are you doing to leverage the interviews to help with book promotion and business building?

My next phase of my book marketing and business building campaign, is to leverage my radio interviews on social media including my website, my dedicated Facebook page for the book and Twitter. In addition, I have started a telephone campaign to High Schools and Colleges to secure speaking engagements. I also plan on targeting businesses to do speaking engagements, to help educate their employees about chemical dependency.

Did opportunities arise for you? If so, how?

Yes. I have had increased sales of my book and increased traffic to my website and Facebook page. I had a few radio stations that invited me back to do more interviews in the future. I had some listeners use my website to contact me to get more information on my book and chemical dependency. Leverage is the number one asset that was created by the radio interviews. My credibility is strengthened and my brand is getting good exposure.

To learn more about Bob Allison, his book Saved by the Prince of Peace: Dungeon to Sky, and speaking opportunities on addiction and recovery, please visit

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Real Book Promotion Story: Bob Allison Says Annie’s Big HEART Won Him Over, “She Really Cares”!

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