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Real Publicity Story: With Annie, Be Careful What You Wish For … She Will Get You There!

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Real Publicity Book Promotion Success Story With Will Aguila, MD, FACS

Annie Jennings PR is a book marketing and publicity media booking firm that works with authors, speakers and experts.

Annie Jennings PR works to secure top tier media opportunities that create a strong brand and build an influential history of media success for their clients using her insight and experience.

With Annie, Be Careful What You Wish For . . . She Will Get You There

In this podcast, Annie’s real client Dr. Will Aguila (aka Dr. A), author of Why I Don’t Lose Weight, shares his experience with finding Annie, hiring her publicity firm and enjoying the PR successes that followed very quickly. From getting booked on high impact radio talk shows, being the quoted expert in major print magazines and online media to appearing on many morning TV shows.

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Book Promotion Story: Dr. Will Aguila says “With Annie, Be Careful What You Wish For … She Will Get You There!”
Dr. A says he can’t believe how much has happened in such a short period of time.

This is your chance to get up close and personal with Annie as well as she is the interviewer in this podcast. Is she as good as everyone says she is? Listen and find out.

Dr. A has appeared on numerous morning TV shows in Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville as well as heard on major, high listenership radio shows across the country that included appearances on the national Leslie Marshall and Jim Bohannon programs.

Welcome Dr. Will Aguila!

Did Annie’s PR firm deliver on their promises? Did your dreams come true?

Dr. Aguila says that as a self-published author he did not know a lot about publicity and book marketing. “I looked all over the internet for a book publicist. I researched a lot. In fact I was ready to sign a book marketing contract with someone else but a little voice said not to. I felt like I should keep looking . . .”

And then I found Annie.

When I found Annie’s PR website, I liked that so many other authors had worked with her and she showed a long history of success. But it was not until I spoke with Annie that I understood that she has truly mastered the publicity process.

The thing that really attracted me to Annie was her intensity and energy. That intensity and energy is contagious. It felt good to me and that is the kind of person I wanted to work with me.

How did Annie’s publicity help you create a powerful brand that in turn led to book sales?

Dr. A says that at first he did not know what to expect with publicity and book sales but he learned very quickly. He learned that the secret to book sales is to be a brand that readers trust and respect. Books sales come after that process. And yes, it works.

What else did you like about Annie Jennings PR?

With Annie you find that this PR firm is responsive. They are approachable and easy to work with. I can talk to Annie as a friend, a team member, and as a confidant. Annie basically say it like it is.

Annie says “our goal is for you to be a success. We are happiest when your dreams are coming true. That’s our dream – for your dream to come true.” Isn’t it great to work with a person like that?

How did you enjoy your book marketing and branding radio talk show campaign?

Annie’s radio talk show campaign was marvelous. She books the big radio shows in the top cities and markets. No small radio shows. No radio show bookings in the middle of nowhere or on the outskirts of the markets. There is no doubt that Annie plays with the big boys.

With Annie, she loves her work and her passion shows right through. It is contagious.

I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I started in such a short period of time.

Dr. A says “I have to tell something to your potential clients. With Annie, be careful what you wish for. Let me tell you – she will get you there. She will accomplish what she set out to do and you will be pleasantly surprised.”

“If you want something out there and you know where you want to be, it is our responsibility to get you to that goal and help you contribute to your destiny,” says Annie.

Annie can climb any mountain except to her, it’s not a mountain.

Annie says that “we help you discover, expand and contribute to your destiny, we help you find your sweet spot – the spot where your message is special and meaningful to society today.  We can climb any mountain at that point. In fact, once you know who you are and why you matter in today’s society, there are  no mountains.  This is what we do every day.

I owe it all to Annie.

Dr. A says that being a regular guest on a morning TV talk show now is really paying off for him. He says that in today’s world you don’t find consistency in many areas. Some people are good today but not performing tomorrow. With Annie you get consistency.

What is Annie’s Publicity Ladder Strategy and how did it work for you?

Dr. A  says “I can’t believe I am there – at the top of the Publicity Ladder. I could never have imagined doing this and it’s all due to Annie Jennings PR. It is such a dream. It is just marvelous.”

Annie adds “I love the creative process here. Our entire firm is driven by the creative process and we are rewarded at the end of the day.

Annie’s publicity is worth every penny.

If she sets out to do something she does it. With Annie you know you are going to get what you want. There is no doubt. She delivers what she promises.

Annie says “I love working with Dr. A. He is so ready to go out into the world and help people. I am honored to work with him. I know that through me his voice can be heard. If he did not work with us, his message might never be heard.”

Annie fights for you.

That is the beauty of working with Annie. She gets you. I can’t think of any other publicist I would want to work with more. I can’t even imagine what is yet to come. I cannot wait to see what’s next.

If you want success it’s spelled Annie Jennings.

Enjoy lots of real publicity success stories from real clients who reveal not only what it is like to work with Annie but what strategy they used (using their media placements) for their success. Check out this link:

Time for book promotion, publicity and great PR? Come to Annie Jennings PR.

This book publicity, book marketing  and expert branding podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine. You too can experience publicity, marketing and branding success in your career and your business. Please keep in mind that Annie’s radio talk show campaign offers guaranteed deliverables along with unlimited media training (as much as you want).  You can also find out more about Annie’s famous pay for performance PR and publicity campaigns that allow you to carefully target significant media that helps you build power, credibility and influence. Annie Jennings PR is well-known for her publicity offerings especially because they are NOT RETAINER based. Please visit for book promotion, marketing, author PR and expert media placements.

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