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Real Publicity Story! How Annie Jennings PR Impressed Business CEO, Jim Alampi

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Real Publicity Success Story With Jim Alampi, Author

Publicity Success Story

Business CEO, Jim Alampi, Tells: In this podcast, Jim Alampi tells his  real story of publicity success that gives listeners an inside look into what it’s like to work with top media placement firm, Annie Jennings PR and achieve an exceptional return on his investment.

Did Jim get lots of high powered, influential PR opportunities? Yes, he did! And he tells how. Don’t miss the insider scoop of how PR should work for you if your goal is increased exposure to your target markets as a source of new opportunities and new business.

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Real Publicity Story! How Annie Jennings PR Impressed Business CEO, Jim Alampi

Fortune 500 Management Advisor, Global Executive & CEO, Jim Alampi, shares his story of success in working with Annie Jennings PR.  Jim is the author of Great to Excellent; It’s the Execution!.  He has been featured on Fox News, CBS News,, AMA, Fast Company and as a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and more.

Jim reveals his successful publicity strategy and lots more in this “not to miss” podcast. Jim says:

  • My ROI was spectacular.
  • I have never written a book before. I had no idea on how to promote it. Annie Jennings made that happen quickly for me.
  • Annie Jennings PR totally exceeded my expectations.
  • After speaking to Annie, the only question I had was how fast can we get started?

Jim, in the sea of PR firms what made you choose Annie Jennings PR?

Once I got my book published the publisher offered to do come PR for the book, but I wasn’t very satisfied, so the publisher recommended Annie Jennings PR.  After talking to Annie for about an hour on the phone it became clear to me that they were a professional firm that knew what they were doing, had the right contacts, could open doors and get placements where they would serve me the best. So it was a referral first of all and the great conversation with Annie.

Did you expect to spend an hour on the phone with Annie?

Annie and I seem to hit it off more quickly than the time it usually takes to really feel comfortable with someone in the PR business. I don’t know how she did it but she did. The Pay As You Go strategy really made sense to me. It hit on all cylinders. It wasn’t a question on whether to go ahead but how quickly can we go ahead..

What did you think about Guaranteed Deliverables and the Pay As You Go pricing strategy? How was it different from other PR firms?

It was much different and more logical. This is new territory for me as I have never written a book before. I had no idea on how to promote it. Annie Jennings made that happen quickly for me.

On a day to day basis what is it like working with the team at Annie Jennings?

Since I have a crazy schedule and traveling every week to work with clients or speaking engagements I knew it would be challenging, and I told them up front I wanted to be pushed. When you push me too hard I will let you know, but it never got to that point. They were constantly throwing things at me that were new opportunities. That’s the way I like to work. I like to be pushed.

Did you feel like you were growing in the Ladder Strategy? How did you leverage the placements once you got them?

It got me in places that were prime for my audience. I got a live interview on Fox News, which is pretty spectacular, considering I’m a business guy who works with CEO’s.  The media placements really helped me climb the ladder. I became a columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine, which was a pinnacle in my career. What was interesting is, as we went up the Radio to TV ladder we decided it would be more beneficial for me to focus on print media. They then shifted me into full blast print and online media programs. I couldn’t have asked for a different or better approach.

Any final comments about working with National Publicity Firm,  Annie Jennings PR?

Working with Annie Jennings PR exceeded my expectations. You need to look at getting PR not as an expense but as an investment upon which there ought to be a return. I can tell you my experience has been spectacular. I wouldn’t have changed anything!

What was the absolute brass ring of the entire PR & book promotion experience?

Lots of visitors to my website. This led to lots of new opportunities for me and my firm.

To learn more about Jim Alampi, his books and services, please visit

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Real Publicity Story! How Annie Jennings PR Impressed Business CEO, Jim Alampi

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