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How To Stand Out From The Others Using Publicity

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How To Stand Out From The Others Using Publicity

Publicity To Create A Substantial Business Advantage

Many people understand the value of standing out in their field as the one with most authority. This is the person who becomes the most in demand. With the internet acting as a leveling device, that is, many lessor qualified individuals can appear more qualified than they are, therefore more qualified than you, appearing in the media increases in your value tremendously.

Your publicist will be able to differentiate you from the masses. With millions of print on demand and self-published books in the marketplace your book may no longer be enough to showcase your talents to take you to the top. But what will? Your media appearances. The bigger the better.

Hiring The Right PR Firm

Finding a publicity firm who works with the biggest and most prestigious media in the country is the first step in achieving a true competitive advantage. This PR firm knows how to develop you so that you qualify for a booking on major influential media that includes radio talk shows, TV shows, both local and national, online and print media.

What does the media look for when booking a guest or expert? Annie Jennings PR knows and successfully builds up their clients using the assets they already have while building more “proof of concept” so the media can say yes to you.

If your goal is to win deals over your competitors then you need the power of the media to give you a marketing advantage. Annie Jennings PR is the one for you. Annie books all of the major media in radio, TV, print and online. The key? She uses what you bring to the table in skill and expertise and then brings you the rest of the way.

Yes, you can hire a PR Firm who “GETS YOU” and knows what to do.  And that’s Annie Jennings PR.

Annie Jennings of the National Book Marketing firm, Annie Jennings PR is a Publicist specializing in marketing books to authors and experts to the media. She invented pay for placement publicity, a powerful book marketing asset. You can’t ask for anything more. Annie Jennings PR’s clients rave about their ability to secure media bookings without paying the high monthly retainers that most publicity firms charge. Pay for play publicity allows authors to spend their book marketing dollars on high exposure, high quality publicity placements. You simply get lots more for your book promotion budget with Annie Jennings PR’s pay for placement publicity model.

Marketing Books with Annie Jennings PR

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