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Authors love working with Annie’s top-ranked publicity, promotion and media booking firm!

Authors say that Annie is able to identify their core elements and messaging of their book in ways that is perfect for their intentions. Annie understands the client’s talents and optimal potential with media placements. Her professional publicists position them in such a way to secure media bookings that are meaningful and valuable to the media, the client and of course, the audience.

Clients love that Annie is willing to guarantee her deliverables. LOVE!

Clients rave about working with Annie Jennings PR for so many reasons including that they learn about how their expertise fits in with society today.  Clients are encouraged to expand their talents in many ways so they grow as an expert and experience an expansion of their talents. This helps clients create more powerful deliverables to their own clients. They learn why the market finds their voice important to society today. Our clients tell us that they also are able to create more current and appealing keynotes and workshops from the feedback and development they get by working with Annie Jennings PR.

Retainer-less PR firm, Annie Jennings PR, soars with authors.

Everyday Annie gets phone calls from authors who are sad to report their experience with a previous PR firm. Before the author signed with that other firm, they report, everything looked so promising – so many promises of media placement on the biggest media ever. They thought they were going to get booked on everything – even the national morning shows. “Sure”, that firm told them “we will pitch all of the biggest shows”.  HINT: watch for the use of the word “pitch” as the word pitch does not mean they will secure a media placement fo you, but only use your money to “pitch” the media. Some media report they get 100 pitches per hour. How can they possibly take the time to read, evaluate and decide on each one? So it’s no wonder, they say, that once their publicity campaign started, nothing happened.

Get performance-based publicity & guaranteed deliverables radio campaign!

That’s now how it works with Annie Jennings PR. Once you start working with us, that’s when everything starts happening. Annie employs her time-tested, classic strategy to create a certain allure for her clients so they can optimize their talents. They see their talents reflected in media placements that allow them to share their message. These media placements have tremendous value to the client. Not only does the client get to magnify their knowledge and skills to wide audiences via radio talk shows, TV booking and online media placements, they secure valuable media assets that allow them to build up their national expert status.

Let Annie know that you would like to talk about getting the best PR in the industry with her innovative and responsible publicity programs by clicking on the Get Started Now box below. Radio campaigns come with unlimited media training and bookings on major radio talk shows in top-ranked cities. For example, Annie offers bookings (guaranteed) in the top markets such as the Top 35 ranked-markets. The markets are ranked according to population so, the bigger the market, the more people you are reaching with your message. Radio is also guest friendly.  Radio guests are able to mention their book in the interview.

And that’s just the beginning.

Annie’s publicists are professionals and enjoy a long-standing, respected relationship with the media. The performance division is perfect for business professionals that include Finance, Economists, Business CEO’s. Leadership experts and others in the CEO Suite, who want to be seen as a leader in their field by appearing in the major media. This is where Annie has a huge advantage over the others. Annie’s professional publicists know how to position you for the yes and how to optimize your potential with the media. Are you a candidate for the biggest name brand media? Annie knows. Annie understands what the media needs and takes the time to once again, optimize your highest potential in the media. Annie Jennings PR is a performance-based PR firm for radio talk shows, TV bookings and the major online media.

LOTS of real publicist stories where Annie’s real clients tell what it was like to work with Annie. Did they achieve their goals? Was their publicity budget invested in their growth rather than just spent with no media assets to show for their money? Find out by listening to these real publicity stories here.

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National publicist, Annie Jennings PR, offers performance-publicity programs along with guaranteed deliverable radio talk show author promotion campaigns. Many credit Annie Jennings PR with create the most powerful radio campaign in the industry by being able to consistently book high-powered radio publicity talk shows with professionally developed guests that add value to the show.

Work with Annie Jennings PR for top author PR marketing and book promotion.

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