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Why In The World Would You Want Everyone To Know About Your Book?

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Book Publicity

Trick Question

Everyone wants everyone to know about their book. But, the bigger question is, what’s the best book publicity strategy to get the word out?

Authors have worked tremendously long hours writing their books that showcase their passion, knowledge, experience, education, credentials and wisdom. But with so many print on demand books published over the last few years, how do authors get a jump start on their promotion?


You get booked on media that is a good match for your topic (this is called preaching to the choir) and you talk about the themes in your book that can help people. You never know what you will say that will trigger a MUST BUY THIS BOOK in your audience.

It’s a classic belief that people will buy from someone they have gotten to know and respect, making it a key PR strategy to get out in front of your audience with your messaging. Let them see you. Let them hear you. Let them buy from you because you resonate with them.

How do you get book publicity?

There are many ways to get book publicity that include traditional media outlets as well and online media and of course, social media.

How does an author get started with their book publicity?

The hunt is on. What PR firm can deliver the outcomes you want for yourself. And you might not even know what outcomes you do want. I can tell you this. Most authors want exposure. They want outreach. They want the chance to share their message, impact change and help others. That’s all. And they want a good price with guaranteed deliverables (that’s when what the publicist promises is in the contract).

Googling for a book publicist can be tricky – there are just so many!

Beware of the pop up publicist. The one that buys a list and pops up out of nowhere. Do they have the connections?

Word of mouth is better. Asking key questions of others such as what did you get for your money? Also, when evaluating a publicist look for a rich history or success in producing actual media bookings, not just fancy proposals about how much they will “try” for you. The good ones showcase their former clients’ success, their media testimonials and proof of concept. Of course, being in business for a while certainly is a factor as relationships with the media are not built overnight, but over years of working together and earning the respect of the media.

Do publicists specialize in book publicity?

Yes. But what kind of publicity do you want? The passive where you pay and nothing much happens or active PR where you show up, share your message and enjoy the experience of knowing you made a difference?

What are the best book publicity campaigns for authors?

Here at Annie Jennings PR, we love the radio talk show campaigns for authors as it allows them to blanket the country with their message and promote their book via telephone! No extra cost of travel and all of the expenses that go along with touring the cities. Radio talk show interviews get your message out quickly, easily and very inexpensively. All good PR campaigns should have a foundation that includes a radio talk show campaign.

Why hire book publicist, Annie Jennings?

Annie’s PR firm, Annie Jennings PR offers the #1 radio campaign in the industry. You get:

  • Guaranteed deliverables on the big shows in the major cities
  • Unlimited media training from an award-winning news producer and big radio booker
  • Professionally developed segment ideas around your core messaging
  • Media training on how to elegantly promote your book in the interview
  • Bookings on big shows in big cities and on the regional and/or nationally syndicated radio shows.
  • Money back guarantee (Annie performs according to the contract or else . . . but Annie has produced thousands of campaigns and has rich connections with the most important media).

Book Publicity, Radio Talk Show Campaigns, Great Pricing

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