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Best PR Firm In NYC Area Offers Book Promotion Strategies

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Best PR Firm In NYC Area Offers Book Promotion Strategies

Book promotion strategies

There are many book promotion strategies in play right now as many new ways to get your book out to your audience have evolved given the numerous social media marketing venues.

In this post, national book promotion expert, Annie Jennings PR, discusses some of the most common book publicity strategies many authors use to launch their book and create buzz.

Discover how to use book promotion strategies to land exposure for your marketing books strategy

One of the best ways to market a book is to choose a combination of approaches to traditional media, such as being a guest on radio talk shows, a guest on TV shows both local and national, be seen as the expert in print and contribute to online media such as blog posts or getting a column featuring you and your ideas.

Why do book authors need to know about creating a powerful book promotion campaign?

Reaching your audience is one of the key factors in creating an effective book promotion strategy. You can reach your audience both online and in traditional media. A combination of both (and more actually) is your best.

Create a book promotion wheel of activity

What is a book promotion wheel of activity? It is a strategy where you imagine your entire book marketing strategy as a whole such as a wheel where each spoke of the wheel is one method of PR outreach.

Spokes of the book promotion wheel include appearing on radio talk shows as the guest where they allow you to mention the name of your book. Radio show exposure is excellent for marketing a book. Getting booked on TV shows is another spoke in your book promotion wheel. Also, creating an online presence via the media is very good as well as more and more people seek their news and entertainment via the internet. Also, don’t forget about print magazine and newspapers. People will still read through their favorites and appearing in the big name brand print media carries a lot of clout – excellent for your branding as well.

Radio talk shows is a favorite for book promotion

Why is that? Ease of access. Tremendous audience. Where else, other than speaking a major event, get consistent access to people in the major cities so easily. The radio interviews take place via telephone making access to your market easy and cost-effective. However, you have to remember to promote your book at the end of the interview so your book promotion efforts can be effective.

Get media training to learn book promotion skills that work in the media.

Whatever you do, don’t lead with your book promotion or the host and audience might think you are there only to promote your book rather than provide socially relevant information and a great conversation for the listeners. If the audience feels they are being sold “at” they will be less likely to form a bond with you and therefore less likely to want to purchase your book.

Getting up close and personal with your audience is the one of the best kinds of book promotion.

Once your prospective buyer or target audience feels that you know what you are talking about and have significant information that can help them – you got a book sale!

What are some book promotion rookie mistakes to avoid?

The first mistake to avoid is giving up.  The second is to be sure of your goals and objectives for your book. If you are a professional wishing to use your book as a “calling card”, as they say, or as a showcase of your thoughts and opinions be sure to use a professional editor so you can share your thoughts but do so in a way that is acceptable to the readers. Readers can put down your book if it is not written well and certainly if it does not resonate with them.

Want to hire one of the best book promotion PR firms in the business?

Be sure to google for lots of choices and speak with each firm. Notice how you felt during and after the call. Keep in mind that many publicity firms specialize in various forms of PR with some in social media, others in traditional media and still others in planning book promotion events or author book signings. The key is to match your choice of publicists with the deliverable you wish to achieve.

Annie Jennings PR firm is a national book promotion and publicity firm specializing in booking authors, experts and speakers on radio talk show interviews, TV shows, in online media and in traditional print media outlets. Annie Jennings has been a featured guest speaker at numerous venues including NYU and Harvard Club. This PR firm offers unlimited media training with all of its radio campaign offerings as well as the famous pay for performance publicity model where clients do not pay a  monthly retainer.  Find out more

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