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Book Promotion For Beginners

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Yes, getting started in PR should wrap around an effective book promotion strategy.

But most authors don’t know this.

I have heard many authors talk about hard it is to get started with their book publicity in that it all seems so daunting to them. There are so many choices.

Not to mention expensive choices. And what really bothers the authors is that they are not guaranteed any return on their investment.

Enter Annie Jennings PR. The PR firm with performance guarantees, unlimited media training, big bookings in major markets. The best for you.

The perfect book promotion strategy

Having actually booked (not just pitched, but actually BOOKED ROCK SOLID) thousands of authors in the media Annie Jennings PR has perfected the craft of bringing authors up to their optimal success.

And they want that.

The first question we ask our authors is what would they like to achieve? We listen. We understand.

And then we develop their effective publicity plan. These authors want to make an impact. They want to share their message for real out in the world.

The PR plan we build for them works for their specific goals, this subject matter and their finances.

Wow, you would think this was the perfect PR situation.

And you would be right.

Get your book promotion with the PR firm that understands you

Contact Annie Jennings PR to talk about getting your publicity right. Here is the link to our site:

Don’t miss a chance to get your message heard with Annie’s proven book promotion programs

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