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Book Promotion Is About Taking Action, Be Seen, Be Heard!

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Book Promotion Into Power
#BookPromotion strategy can include this one mistake.

Some authors and maybe many authors never feeling ready to go out into the world. They’ll take a learning course after course on how to market and promote their book but yet when it comes time to turn all that learning into PR action, they suddenly feel stopped. Like they hit a brick wall.


Well, first of all, putting yourself out there in the real PR world is very different from learning how to put yourself out there.  And know that at our #1 PR firm. So, we prepare you both in your publicity skill set and help you get ready mentally to go out into the world confident in your message.

Our authors always say they love the we “believe in them”.

One thing our PR firm hears over and over again is that our authors love the we “believe in them” and we do. We know that each author is special. They come to us with hope, dreams and all they wanted in this world asking up to help and we do. Without the author having to spend all of their money as we offer great pricing, no monthly retainers and performance guarantees on our work and our authors appreciate this aspect of our firm. Also, keep in mind that our radio campaign clients get unlimited media training so they can be savvy, prepared and ready to go quickly.

But learning about book promotion is just the beginning. The real PR is about actually doing it.

At Annie Jennings PR, we do book promotion. We do not “try” to do book promotion. We actually do it. We teach you all you need to know to be successful but then get you out into the world with your message.

Do our authors LOVE IT?

Yes they do. In fact, getting real live media can be addicting.

Just ask any of our successful clients. On our site, we have numerous real publicity stories where our clients tell what it was like working with our firm. These real publicity stories are not to be missed as you can discover that you can actually do PR – not just always be learning about doing PR.

My advice is not to worry to so much about getting ready. Work with a savvy PR firm that knows how to prepare you quickly for your actual book promotion out in the real world. And then get started sharing your message.

Avoid the trap of always being in PR school and never getting a chance to flap your wings

It can happen. Authors can focus so much on learning how to market their books that they fall behind on actually implementing the strategies. Yes, promoting your books takes a lot of time and effort, and of course knowledge. It’s easy to put in a lot of work but not see the results in terms of book sales. You are certainly not alone. Book sales are a tough nut to crack as there are so many books yet not enough people willing to buy due to the sheer competition for everyone’s attention. Yes, it is a competitive jungle out there!

Annie Jennings PR is a national book promotion firm offering media outreach in radio talk shows, TV shows, online media and in print and magazine media. Connect with us using the link in the banner below.

Get your book promotion with Annie Jennings PR

We know how, we can help you TAKE ACTION! As book promotion experts, our PR team teaches you what you need to know to be successful and then puts you right in the middle of the action. It’s one thing to learn about PR, another to do it. You will find that getting publicity is fun and exhilarating.

This blog post about book promotion and strategy is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR. For more information on how you too can experience national media success and guaranteed deliverables, please visit book promotion firm, Annie Jennings PR.

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