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Book Promotion Tip: Hiring a Great PR Firm

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Book Promotion Tip: Hiring a Great PR Firm

Book Publicity Tip of the Day

Book promotion starts with a great publicist. When deciding on hiring a book marketing expert to help you consider their deliverables. Do they offer a guarantee of performance of only booking you on major influential media or is it catch as catch can approach where they blast the media and hope something sticks.

Marketing books are your chance of experiencing your hard work in action. It is your time of bliss after a long period of dedication. Wasting time with a bad publicist lacking the skill set, experience and drive to bring the major bookings home to you is a shame. Hire a publicity expert with a strong track record of successful media bookings who enjoys not only the respect of the media but the respect of thousands of authors.

Who is this PR FIRM? Annie Jennings PR

Annie Jennings is a national book marketing and book promotion publicist that works with authors on getting publicity on their books.  Annie Jennings is a publicist to authors who are self published, print on demand or published by traditional publishing houses.

Book Promotion - Annie Jennings PR

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