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What If You Don’t Have 15 Years To Be An Overnight Book Promotion Success?

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What If You Don't Have 15 Years To Be An Overnight Book Promotion Success?

Want more book promotion?

Want so much more for yourself you can hardly breathe?

But, you don’t have the 15 years to become an overnight success,

Because you already put in the 15 best years of your life into creating what you have now?

But you still would  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be more, do more, earn more?

Why don’t you just cram 15 years worth of branding  into a few months . . .


Annie knows.

She helps certain clients go from “here to there” FAST!

They get motivated, inspired and excited with the idea of expanding themselves into MORE, MORE, MORE.

If you are yearning for your next big thing . . . that’s good.

Now, it’s time to HIT IT BIG  with Annie’s help.

Expand your experience, credentials, accomplishments and wisdom into a whole new phase of your life.

High power your career by being seen and heard in all of the right places.

But here’s the deal:  Annie does her part in rediscovering the best of you; but then you have to do yours.

Good things happen to Annie Jennings PR clients.

No, great things happen.

But you gotta be in it to win it.

It’s more fun and exciting to BE IN IT with Annie’s team.

It’s a totally wild, awe-inspiring ride . . . 

Want more book promotion tips?

Why not visit the famous book promotion website, Annie Jennings PR, website at

Many authors, experts and speakers are pointing toward their book promotion efforts and the PR and outreach that goes with as a major factor in building up their national expert status and a strong brand.

Annie Jennings PR is a publicity industry book promotion expert who helps authors and experts get booked on national radio and TV shows, as well print and online media to help them share their message.

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