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Book Marketing – 3 Ways To Tell If You Have A Good Book Promotion Strategy

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Authors are flocking to print on demand publishing and other non-traditional methods of publishing their book.

3 Ways To Tell If You Have A Good Book Promotion StrategyWith this growth of lots of new authors hitting the scene, we can expect a lot of people to have a lot of different opinions and strategies on how to promote the book. With so many choices available to them, it is important for the author to choose the relevant book marketing and book promotion strategy for them.

National publicity expert, Annie Jennings PR, whose national PR firm has worked with thousands of book authors, shares 3 ways to tell if you like your book marketing strategy.

Here are the tell tale signs that you are on the right book marketing track:

1. BOOK MARKETING TIP #1:  You are adding value to your life rather than stress.

Here’s the rule of thumb, if it feels good, do it. If the plan you are in or considering feels too heavy, too expensive or creates stress just thinking about it, you are in the wrong plan. Authors should create a publicity or book marketing plan that simply feels good to them. If you are way in over your head financially, the publicity will be a burden and you will feel very stressed out all of the time. Just keep it simple. Choose a publicity strategy that is within your budget. And keep it meaningful to you. No one likes to throw money away but choosing a PR strategy with value to you will help you invest the funds feeling good about yourself and the way you are promoting.

2. BOOK MARKETING TIP #2: You know that book promotion is a marathon and not a sprint. Now this is a tough one because it seems to be human nature that everyone wants everything to happen overnight for them.

But taking a longer view of the  unfolding of your book sales is a much more realistic ways to think about publicity and the success of your book. That’s right, look at book promotion and book marketing as an outreach strategy that will take place over a longer period of time, such as a year or even more.

Getting publicity on your book will certainly help you

There are only a few really great media hits that you can get that generate a substantial number of book sales and these opportunities may not be available to many of the hundreds of thousands of authors each year. So think about book marketing as a longer process that includes book parties, book signings at your local book store, speaking events and holding workshops. These are events that contribute to sales but allow you to experience the pleasure of getting your message out into the world.

The important thing to think about while in the process of promoting your book is this – are you having fun yet? Remember it is the journey and not the arrival that most people enjoy the most.

3. BOOK MARKETING TIP #3:  You are not worried about book sales.

Excessive worry about book sales (how many did I sell today or in the last hour – it is a nightmare) takes the fun out of the publicity process. The fun is is living your book outloud and sharing your message with others – of enjoying book launches, parties, workshops and speaking events.  You can experience the thrill of watching your book come alive in the world.

Worrying about book sales and how many books did you sell in the last 10 minutes is crippling to the fun  and life experience you could be having knowing that you are living your dream, sharing your message and helping others.

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