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Book Promotion Platform Ideas 18 Point Checklist – Tip #6

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Book Promotion Platform Spoke #6: Contributions, Awards And Achievements

Book Promotion Platform

Book Promotion Platform Spoke #6: Contributions, Awards And Achievements

In building a powerful author, expert and speaker platform it’s important to take an inventory of your accomplishments and credentials to be sure you have the most prestigious ones in your media bio. The media will evaluate you on your background and knowledge as well as your professional reputation in your industry. Be sure to include testimonials as to your abilities and and services on your website as well.

Take a full inventory of all you have done in your life with respect to achievements in your area of expertise.

Did you contribute to significantly to your industry as a whole or achieve breakthroughs to help others?   Have you received awards or recognition? Did you develop new business processes that enhanced your industry?  Have you built a better business strategy that others in your industry have adapted into their business models? How have you added to the betterment of your industry.

A good PR firm can help you build up your media bio to showcase all your accomplishments

When Annie Jennings PR discovered that they could create stronger media campaigns for authors they did. Look for ways you can improve your industry to improve your customer or client experience. Some of the new inventions Annie’s company developed were the additions of guaranteed deliverables for their new radio talk show campaign that offers bookings in the major markets on shows that broadcast to the heart of the market.

Working with a respected PR firm helps add power to your bio and brand as well

We added another important perk for our clients as well in the form of offering unlimited media training with each campaign. This was including to prepare the client both in terms of media etiquette, message development as well as how to promote their book by following the radio shows preferences. Radio shows are information and conversation based so blatant book promotion would sound odd and be perceived as more of an advertising conversation that would not fall into the show’s format. Media training helps a book author learn how and when to promote their interests in a respectful way.

Annie Jennings PR  provides radio publicity campaigns for marketing books. Annie offers the most powerful TV and radio publicity campaigns in the industry, focusing only on the biggest shows in the largest markets. You cannot buy a better radio publicity campaign anywhere in the industry. All interviews are guaranteed to be the high impact shows in the Top 35 or Top 50  markets in the USA.

Get book marketing, book publicity and book promotion services at the famous Annie Jennings PR Firm, NYC #1 PR Firm. Annie specializes in author publicity that will help your book marketing campaign be successful. Let Annie know your goals, dreams and PR objectives so she can determine your best course of action. With many years of experience the seasoned staff can help guide your PR choices so you can earn your best return o investment.

Lots of real stories are on our site at http:/ under the “real stories” navigation photos. You can learn what it’s like to work with Annie and how other authors leveraged their media assets secured with the Annie Jennings PR firm to their advantage.

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