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Book Publicity Story: So, Who Gets The Sale?

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Book Publicity Story: So, Who Gets The Sale?

Excited new author speaks to Annie to talk about signing up for her book publicity programs.

This new author is comparing Annie with another book publicity company. Here’s how it goes:

Annie asks this new author about her goals and objectives. Annie’s blink factor decides if her firm can achieve these outcomes for her.

Annie describes in great detail how appearing on radio talk shows in major markets and how getting booked on TV shows in the author’s hand-picked cities will help her achieve her goals and objectives.

Does the client like what she hears? YES!

She especially likes the famous Annie Jennings PAY FOR PLAY publicity program that is NOT TIED TO MONTHLY RETAINERS.

She absolutely loves Annie’s BIG CITY radio talk show publicity campaign (OMG! Annie offers UNLIMITED MEDIA TRAINING and access to the biggest, most prestigious shows in the nation!)

It’s guaranteed too.

Annie is not keeping any of the author’s money for failing to get a booking. Annie only gets paid for booking crème de la crème media for her clients. (It’s in the Contract!)

But wait! The deal is not done yet. Here is what is going through the authors mind:

‘The other firm is promising me the moon and stars. They are going to try for everything for me. The key phrase here to be concerned about is the word “try”. Anyone can try to get media for you but who can actually deliver media placements with a proven history of success. Annie Jennings PR.

‘And they say they will keep trying no matter how long it takes. Even one year or more (hmmmm, at about $5,000 per month, that’s a whole lotta money for just trying)’

Which book publicity firm would you hire?

Tried and true, rock solid Annie Jennings PR or the newest pipe dream on the street?

If you want Annie Jennings to lead the way for you in your publicity, branding, book marketing and book promotion, set up a time to talk personally with her at

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