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Real Publicity Story: He Called Her An Ant In A Pile Of Ants . . .

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Real Publicity Story - He Called Her An Ant


But then she became my butterfly

That PR firm told her that nobody in the media would listen to her. With tears in her eyes and a wobbly voice she calls another publicity firm that she had heard so many good things about, Annie Jennings PR.

Here is her publicity story:

One day, recently, an author called our office with tears in her eyes. We could tell. She told us that she just hung up with another PR firm who said “she was just an ant in a pile of ants and nobody would ever take her seriously”.

This author was a young millennial who had written a poetry book. I understood her message. I wanted her voice to be heard. I immediately saw the value in her message – who doesn’t want to understand the millennial generation better? We all do and so does the media.

Plus I wanted to give her chance to have the time of her life.

Our professional publicity team helped her with unlimited media training and message development

She became a brilliant and savvy media guest – prepared and confident. She was incredible. Our PR team created tremendous demand for her topics and she appeared on the top major radio shows in the biggest of cities.

Radio publicity campaigns come with unlimited media training

As you many know, Annie offers her radio talk show clients unlimited media training from a top media trainer with over 25 years of experience that includes an award-winning news producer achievement at a major network station. This media training along with the guaranteed deliverable of our radio campaign clients only getting booked on big shows in major cities allowed her to excel and experience herself sharing her message.

So, one day after her campaign, she called Annie

And guess what? One day she called me after her successful radio campaign and she sounded different. She sounded happy, confident and strong with purpose and passion. She signed up for another round of radio talk shows with us. Again, she was my butterfly. 

Annie’s speaks with her publicity clients to understand their goals and dreams

Most authors say they can not believe that I actually take the time to speak with them, understand their goals and dreams. If you want someone to believe in you, I can tell you that Annie Jennings PR firm believes in our clients and makes it our mission to help you live your dreams in the real world.

Want the same kind of respect and courtesy that Annie had when she spoke with this new publicity client described above. Want someone to believe with you and understand your message? Just let our firm know right here using this sign up button:

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