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Why Get Author Book Publicity With Annie Jennings PR?

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Why is author book publicity important to sales?

Why Get Author Book Publicity With Annie Jennings PR?With so many books for sale readers like to have a reason to buy the book such as having seen the author on a TV show or having heard the author on a radio talk show.  These media appearances allow your reader to get to know you before they decide to buy your book.  After all, wouldn’t you rather read a book written by someone you already know you like?

Why is author book publicity important to branding?

The author is able to showcase their experience, talents, wisdom and credentials in the publicity and book marketing initiatives.  This increases the significance of their personal brand as well as others are getting to know the author’s name and how they are contributing to society today, whether it’s in their original thought or through their business models.

Why is author book publicity about contribution?

It’s true.  Now, it’s all about how the author is contributing to the conversation going on around them.  Is their voice, that is their thoughts, knowledge and business model contributing and moving the conversation forward.  If so, the author will be consider more relevant creating a competitive advantage.

Why get author book publicity with Annie Jennings PR, the #1 PR firm for authors?

Annie Jennings PR is the publicity and book marketing public relations firm that can discover your potential as a book author, expert and contributor to society.  Annie’s team of professional publicists understand your voice and its impact on America and helps you expand your ideas into socially relevant conversations that get you booked on the bigger, more influential media outlets in the country.

Get book publicity services with Annie Jennings PR, the #1 PR firm for authors.

Annie Jennings PR is a book publicity, business publicity, and corporate media strategy firm that works with lots of major and influential national media including CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, TODAY, TIME Magazine, US News & World Report, The Street,,,, Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Life, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post & lots more media outlets.

Annie Jennings PR is famous for the pay for play performance based publicity programs and expert status credibility building programs that thousands of businesses have used to promote themselves. Annie Jennings herself is well known for her BLINK FACTOR where she instantly knows why you are good and can identify your personal path to success. Don’t miss your chance to work with us as some people say “magic happens at Annie Jennings PR”.

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