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Book Marketing Commentary

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Book Marketing Commentary

Book Marketing Commentary By Annie Jennings

Is Book Marketing A Lot Of Work?

Yes, It’s A Lot Of Work.  But It’s Also The Chance To Live Your Dream Of Getting Your Message Out Into The World

It’s lots of fun to be an author.   It’s lots of fun to see your story or your ideas in print. It’s fun to dream of sales or of becoming a bestselling author?

But actually selling copies of your book?  Well, that’s when you realize selling books is not as easy as you hoped it would be.

Here are some of the reasons why book marketing has become harder over the years.

Book Marketing Commentary:

Latest figures have shown consumer spending is down. With most of America still in “wait and see” mode, is it any surprise that consumers are not doling out the cash on books?

And with the number of authors at an all time high (Bowker reports the number of self publishing books published in 2010 to be about 767,000, up from just 22,000 in 2006) there are lots of authors all competing for sales.

So now what? Do authors just throw their towel in the ring and say forget about book marketing?

That depends.  To find out if you should marketing your book alongside the other 3 million books, ask yourself these questions:

Did you write your book for more than just sales?

Does your book have a bigger meaning?

Does your book represent your life’s passion?

Can you use your book for showcasing your ideas and skill set?

Do you know why anyone would want to buy your book?

What is in it for them?

What’s in it for the reader?  That’s worth the price of the book?

Book Marketing Secret:

Answering these questions helps you create the book marketing strategy that will resonate with your audience and increase book sales.   Only use book marketing strategy that allows you to touch your reader directly such as radio publicity campaigns where you are on the air or TV publicity campaigns where you go on TV shows to share your message.  Just say no to passive internet press release distribution as you only get buried in a sea of other releases being massively distributed.

Book Marketing Commentary:

Knowing why your book is valuable to the readers helps you create a book marketing strategy that is based in the value your ideas, message or story will have in your readers live.  This way, you are not just another author marketing a book, but an author presenting themes that are helpful to your readers in today’s environment.

Annie Jennings PR is a publicity industry book marketing expert who helps authors and experts get booked on national radio and TV shows, as well print and online media to help them share their message.

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