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Book Promotion Platform – Create Power & Influence – Checklist – Tip #1

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Powerful Book Promotion Platform 18 Point Checklist - Tip #1

Build A Powerful Book Promotion Platform With Radio Publicity Campaigns

Book Promotion Platform Spoke #1:   Books, EBooks & Articles

Are you the author or co-author of books and articles? The more books and the more articles the better as these become media assets that not only showcase your vast knowledge but act as a nice resource that you can offer interested clients who wish to learn more about your ideas.   E-books are of course tremendously popular now and offer a low cost way to get your ideas out into the world. Yes, e-books count also and are relatively easy to create. Books, articles, audio products  such as MP3’s (you can be a guest on, the online feature magazine with lots of exposure, allow you to showcase your accomplishments, depth of knowledge, credentials  and expertise on a topic.  Of course, a book published by a major publisher is a big plus however, you can also author a series of special reports, ebooks or audio products that serve as evidence that you are an expert in the field.

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Appear on major media outlets for marketing books to build up a strong media bio, create credibility and showcase your expertise. High powered media bios are essential to landing radio publicity in the USA.

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