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Book Promotion Platform Ideas Publicity Checklist – Tip #16

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Book Promotion Platform Spoke #16 Build Credibility With Credentials

Build A Powerful Book Promotion Platform

Book Promotion Platform Spoke #16 Build Credibility With Credentials

Now it is time to take a look at your credentials, background and experience that supports your positioning, that is your opinions, your messages and the information you are sharing.

Ideally having a Ph.D. in your area of expertise speaks for itself and is a major element of building your platform.  However, not everyone will have a higher education.  If you are close to getting your Masters, Ph.D. or even college degree in your area of expertise it would be worth your time to complete your studies.  If this is not an option for you, look for ways
within your industry to build credibility, such as pursuing Certifications, Advanced Learning Programs etc.  The more formal and generally accepted programs will help you.  For example if you are a fitness trainer, become certified and go for the advanced certifications to support your knowledge.

Book promotion starts with a well-developed PR plan

Annie Jennings PR provides radio publicity campaigns for personal and corporate branding, as well as marketing books and book promotion initiatives. Annie offers the most powerful TV and radio publicity campaigns in the industry, focusing only on the biggest shows in the largest markets.  All radio interviews are guaranteed to be the high impact shows in the Top 35 or Top 50 markets in the USA. Annie Jennings PR also offers the pay for performance publicity campaign for TV shows, online media and print media.

Book marketing starts with a well-developed PR plan that not only helps you promote your books but also helps you build up an influential platform.

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