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Book Promotion Platform Strategies, Publicity Ideas – Tip #7

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Book Promotion Platform Spoke #7: Book Tours & Book Signings

Build A Powerful Book Promotion Platform

Book Promotion Platform Spoke #7: Book Tours & Book Signings

Once we again we have a series of questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you have assets of value to your brand, positioning and influence. Many people have accomplished a lot of things but may not know how to use them in their current bio or platform to their advantage. National publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR firm, can help with brand building strategies.

Questions include the following: Have you toured across the U.S. promoting and marketing your new book or product? How many cities and town did you visit and did you appear as on guest on any media in those cities? What about speaking events and book signings? If you did a book signing did a lot of people show up (standing room only) and did you sell an impressive amount of books?  This is great info to help round out your bio. Authors, experts and speaker touring the country doing seminars, talks, workshops and book signings at the local book stores is a great addition to your platform.  Sometimes your publisher will offer to set up book tours and book signings either across the country or in your general area or region and most authors would make the time to do this as not only do you get up close and personal you can sell books too.

Annie Jennings PR is a Book Marketing & Book Publicity firm that offers media bookings on radio talk interview shows, select National TV shows, online and in print for authors, experts and speakers. Annie Jennings PR Firm is famous for its guaranteed deliverable radio campaigns where clients are only booked on high impact, high listenership radio talk shows in the best markets in the country.

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Annie Jennings PR is a publicity industry book promotion expert who helps authors and experts get booked on national radio and TV shows, as well print and online media to help them share their message. Annie Jennings PR firm specialize in offering radio talk show campaigns in the major markets and offer their famous pay for performance publicity program that many authors feel work extremely well for them in that the program carefully targets the media that can help you the most. Be sure to check out for lots more info include the real publicity success stories – click on the photo on the navigation section and that will bring you to our collection of real PR and author marketing success stories

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