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TV PUBLICITY STRATEGY: It’s Not Too Late To Live Your Dreams With Annie Jennings PR

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TV PUBLICITY STRATEGY: It’s Not Too Late To Live Your Dreams With Annie Jennings PR

TV PUBLICITY STRATEGY:  It’s Not Too Late To Live Your Dreams

She almost gave up on her dreams.

But then Annie called.

With the chance for her to host her own segment on a National TV Show.

Just when she thought that she missed her window of opportunity

And missed her chance of living the dream of hosting her own TV show.

. . . Annie calls.

Do you want Annie to call you?

With the most amazing opportunities?

If yes, the secret to your success lies in Annie’s famous publicity strategy.

Annie discovers your inner voice and combines your passion, mission and message to create the perfect life-changing segment for your audience.


And she does it every day.

Every time.

Annie’s clients know that she believes “as long as you are playing the game, you might as well hit the ball out of the park”!


Here is your chance to listen to Annie’s client tell her real story of how believing in herself and working with Annie’s famous PR strategy led to her landing a TV HOSTING GIG on a National TV Show straight out of HOLLYWOOD!

INSPIRATIONAL PUBLICIST: Annie Jennings is a National Inspirational Publicist who dedicates her life to helping her clients reach their dreams. “Everyone should have the chance at getting their brass ring,” says Annie, who views it as her job to make sure they do!

P.S. Annie offers guaranteed deliverables for her BIG SHOWS, BIG CITIES #1 radio campaign (that includes Nationally Syndicated Shows that let you sweep the nation with your message) as well as her outstanding PAY FOR PLAY publicity program.

HOLLYWOOD CALLS ANNIE: Hollywood calls Annie for experts because they know she has experts that are media experienced, talented, professional and ready for massive success!

It’s Better To Be An Annie Jennings PR Client!


It’s Better To Get Booked On Big Radio Shows and TV Shows In Major Markets (Builds  Your Platform)


Annie Jennings PR provides book promotion services to authors and experts for Network TV (NBC, ABC, CBC),) Cable News Networks (FOX NEWS CHANNEL, FOX Business, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC), Major Market Radio (High Impact, High Listenership Radio Bookings), Top Level High Circulation Magazines (TIME Magazine, NEWSWEEK, US NEWS, Kiplinger’s MONEY Magazine, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Woman’s World & more) as well as impressive internet marketing with media placements on high ranking, high visitorship news sites (,,,,,, and more)

Radio Show Bookings with Annie Jennings PR

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