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For Authors Only: How To Make Book Publicity Fun

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How To Make Book Publicity Fun

Make Book Publicity Fun: How Authors Can Have Fun Without Selling A Single Book!

Book authors just want to have fun! That’s what America’s inspirational publicist, Annie Jennings says should be the goal. Annie delights readers with the wonderful ways writing a book can enrich your life that do not include book sales!


Should an author’s measure of success be how many books they sell at the end of a day?

Before you answer, let’s take a look at some of the fun adventures book authors “simply must” have to promote their book.

1.  FUN:   Authors get to have fun.  Yes, that is correct.  They get to have a book party, and who doesn’t love a party?

2.  NEW FRIENDS:  They get to meet lots of new people everywhere they go.

3.  RECREATE THEIR LIVES: They get to travel to new cities, see new sites, and go to faraway places they have always dreamed of visiting all in the name of promoting their new book.

4.  NEW EXPERIENCES: They get to dare to do things they never would have done before such as giving a workshop, go on radio shows, be on a TV show – you know, “live the dream” kind of stuff.

5.  CONTRIBUTE:  They get to share the message in their hearts.  You know the one, its call a piece of the puzzle.  Everyone has one.  The puzzle is called World Happiness and until everybody gets out their piece of the puzzle that lies within their hearts and places it in its spot in the world the puzzle will never be complete.

When you promote your book you are reaching the people whose lives you can help with your message.

And in turn, whose lives will those people you helped go on and influence? And so on and so forth . . .  Putting your message out into the world creates a domino effect of people helping people.

When you write a book you create meaning and purpose in your life.

Book Publicity Mistake:

The mistake authors make is to think that it’s about money or about sales when it is really all about the opportunity to create, to share your message, have lots of fun and contribute your piece of the World Happiness puzzle.

How can Annie help?  Annie specializes in making book promotion strategies meaningful, fun and an overall terrific experience for you.   That’s right, the famous Annie Jennings PR helps authors and experts put their finger on your message (you know, the one that triggered your desire to write a book).   Annie’s wraps your message, your underlying passion in the socially relevant headlines of the day and before you know it, BINGO, you are on a radio interview in the big cities reaching lots of people and having the time of your life in ways you never dreamed possible.

So, is your success determined by books sales?

Annie Jennings is a book publicity specialist who has worked with authors and experts booking them on radio shows, on TV shows, on the Internet as well as in magazines and newspapers. Want more book publicity strategies? Visit

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