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  • Book Marketing Tips For Authors

    Book Marketing Tips For Authors

    Book Marketing Hits All Time High. Number Of Print On Demand Authors Soar! Writing books and publishing them via print on demand publishing is a hot trend. The print on demanding publishing industry is experiencing rapid growth fueled by the access print on demand publishing houses are offering aspiring writes. Did you know that there are…

  • Marketing Books

    Marketing Books Strategies: Get Booked on TV & Radio Shows

    Book Marketing Strategy: Get Booked On TV & Radio Shows ******A quick into paragraph perhaps? Marketing Books Strategy Tip #1: A powerful book marketing and PR strategy for authors seeking book publicity includes getting booked on interviews on radio talk shows and TV talk shows. It’s important to build buzz by getting your message out…

  • Radio Publicity Campaign Tips

    Building A Powerful Platform With A Radio Publicity Campaign

    Radio Publicity Campaign Tips The strength of your Platform sets up the playing field, or the competitive field, with you as the winner! If you want to compete and perform at the same level of your competitors you’ll need to match them head to head on your Platform.  If you wish to OUTPACE and OUT-COMPETE, well then, the more powerful your…

  • Book Publicity Story: So, Who Gets The Sale?

    Book Publicity Story: So, Who Gets The Sale?

    Excited new author speaks to Annie to talk about signing up for her book publicity programs. This new author is comparing Annie with another book publicity company. Here’s how it goes: Annie asks this new author about her goals and objectives. Annie’s blink factor decides if her firm can achieve these outcomes for her. Annie…

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